Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show Me The Shutters

The Inspired Room has a post about shutters.....and creative ways to use them. Head over there and you will find lots of bloggers who have also posted about creative uses of shutters. I jumped on this train, because I happen to have a shutter fetish....not really, I just wanted you to say shutter fetish. Not easy, is it?

The green shutter in the middle was my first shutter brought home from Round Top several years ago. It hung outside on the patio for years. Then I found the set of stained shutters. They hung on either side of my dining room window for awhile. One day, I decided they would work well as a window treatment in my bathroom, so Chuck fixed them screwing a board across the back of all they could hang as one large piece.

But the bathroom was very, very dark. So after repainting my master bedroom, I moved the threesome in here over the bed. I love them here....they make one grand architecural statement. The statement? BOTH OF YOU SNORE!

I made a curtain for the bathroom window to allow much more light in....and placed 2 solid shutters on either side. These shutters also came from Round Top.

Because I am extrememly modest, I have wracked my brain trying to come up with a way to cover up some of this shower glass door. After finding another beat up grayish green shutter at Round Top this year, Chuck put a hook on the back and it hangs over the shower door now. I then bought an "over the door" hook at Target for my towels
....and now I have most of the glass hidden.

This pair of shutters hang on the fence in our backyard. Just because.

This is a shutter wannabe....a screen from Hobby Lobby. But if you had large shutters you could use them as a screen. I will be on the lookout for large shutters for this very purpose next time I hit Round Top. This is a 3 part screen....but you can only see 2. I took old wire coat hangers to make an S to hook into the screen so I could hang plates on it.

These are not shutters, I know. But while I was outside taking the photo of the shutters on the fence, I thought you might like to see this. I hung some plates by the fence near our outdoor table. I know the cats appreciate a little ambiance. Believe it or not, they are holding up very well...even after this week's thunderstorm.

Chuck doesn't even flinch any more when I do stuff like this. It only took 26 years.

Thanks for stopping by. If you are not a local and you don't know what a Round Top's a bi-annual flea market/antique festival in Round Top, Texas...about an hour and a half from Houston. It's the week before the first weekend of October and April every year.

All of my shutters have come from there and I have paid anywhere from $20 a pair to $50 for one. I especially love the look of those with years of wear and tear and several layers of paint crumbling off of them. If I die from lead poisoning dust....I died happy. Dibbies on the shutters!


  1. I just love the bedroom..that's just gob smacking gorgeous..I may copy you..

    Peace - Rene

  2. Kinda funny how you are still shy in your own bathroom shower! The German in me can't compute this! haha.
    Nice way of thinking outside the box though!

  3. Love the shutters on your fence. I wish I had an eye for stuff like this.