Monday, November 28, 2011

A True Gift

For my birthday...and Thanksgiving... I wanted a get-away with the family.  I didn't want to cook or clean...I just wanted to relax, eat and enjoy the days off.  So we headed back to Lakeway Resort in Austin, Texas...again this year.  But this time we were joined by my sister and her family and Jordan and Chris flew in from Scottsdale, Arizona.  There were 10 of us and it was pure relaxation and fun.

Chuck and I arrived around sunset and the others all arrived a little later. 

After everyone checked in, we grabbed a bite to eat then rearranged the furniture in the lobby for a couple of games of Chicken Feet.  Which, if you don't have Chicken Feet, go out and get it. 
 It's the perfect game for all ages and intellectual abilities.  
 Chuck uses strategy and I don't.
  Sometimes he wins, sometimes I do. 
Let's let Chuck think his strategy works.

We woke up on Thursday morning to a solid wall of fog. 

The fog burned off and the day was gorgeous.  Our dinner reservations were for some in our group...Chuck....hurried down to the All You Can Eat Breakfast buffet...because it was complimentary with our room package.  I slept in and drank coffee and worked up an appetite.

Because it was a 3 room long buffet....appetizers, cheese and bread, salads, vegetables, meats including turkey, ham and prime rib, and took a while for all of us to get our first round of food.  We decided to start eating and at some point when all of us were back at the table, we said a blessing.  And in keeping with the Hackney Family tradition, we go around the table and take our turn saying what we are thankful for.  This year I am thankful for adult children....the baby is now 21 so they are all adults.

I am thankful for my sister.  And thankful for our husbands...
for their hard work which affords us this trip together. 


My nephew was seated directly across from me.
  This is the view I had of him. 

I am thankful for all you can eat dessert buffets...
where the leftovers stayed behind. 
I got my piece of pumpkin pie...
but not the whole pie. 
Which I would have eaten
if I had been at home.

Although I'm sure that guy is a delight.

I'm thankful that these two took time and money to spend Thanksgiving with us.  We are still getting to know Chris and he is still getting to know us.  So with every visit we are bonding more.

We had a little photo op after dinner.  After 20 shots this is the only one where one of us isn't talking, blinking or looking away. And by one of us, I mean me.

After dinner but before the 7:00 kick-off for The Game (Texas A&M and UT...for those of you not from here)...we all headed in different directions.  Some napped, some went to the movie, some played Chicken Feet.  All met back up at 7 in the Sports Bar to watch the game. 

Texas A&M, Class of '07

Texas A&M, Class of '07 joined by Class of '10

I love this photo.  Will is staring at Cameron's moving mouth.  He didn't sit here long.   Like me, we can't really watch football.  Too much movement and somebody always loses.  We didn't make it until halftime before we left the area. 

Apparently, the somebody that lost was our team.  See?  I told you.  Somebody always loses.  yuck.

This 3 day get-away was a true gift.  Thank you, Chuck...and Jordan, Chris, Cameron, Will, Catha, Kim, Jack and Mark.  Hug.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is my 54th birthday.  It has landed on Thanksgiving Day and I love it when it does that...because pumpkin pie is my favorite birthday cake and everyone is in a celebratory mood.  I will not expect candles on my piece of pie...but it will be my birthday cake, nevertheless. 

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and healthy
 and have room for a piece of pie. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

He Gets Me

I have 3 very different children.  I see some of my quirks and qualities in each of them.  I see some of Chuck's quirks and qualities in them. There are times that they do something or say something and I swear I just saw a glimpse of myself....or Chuck.   I will see all 3 of them plus my new son-in-law by the time I go to bed tonight.  Thankful.

Will came home last night for the Thanksgiving holiday and I was welcomed with the biggest, tightest hug.  We all agree he gives the best hugs.  It almost feels like a Heimlich maneuver, but not quite.  About the time I think I can't breathe, he lets go.  Love.

He pointed to a wrinkled up, taped up grocery sack on the counter top.  He said it was my birthday present that he tried to wrap.  (It looked pretty I was wondering what in the world could be in it.) Funny.

I could cry right now thinking about this.  A good, sweet cry.  Sentimental.


This gift. Perfect.

That this boy went and bought with his own money.  Generous.

To an antique store that he had been in with me...and returned back to my favorite booth in the place. Memories.

And he picked this out for me. Thoughtful.

He gets me. Connection.

And for a second, I see a bit of my soul in his.  Bonded.


So very thankful.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I Don't Know How Santa Does It...

Santa gets around the whole world in one evening and it took me 3 days just to get the Christmas stuff out and the house cleaned and decorated.  He must be magic.

I'm a little nervous about heading in to the Christmas madness in retail with my new job so getting the house done before Thanksgiving was for my sanity.  I skipped Halloween and Fall at home but I knew I couldn't get away with skipping Christmas.  The Hackney men would freak out.

This Raggedy Ann doll belonged to my grandmother.  I can't remember how I ended up with it, but I do remember being in about 5th grade and thinking she needed some rosy cheeks.  Lipstick did the trick although there are some greasy stains left behind.   Later this same doll was attacked by a new puppy....yet she still smiles. 

I bought some bright ribbon and sprays at an after Christmas sale at Paul Michael in Arkansas last year on our way home from Mississippi.  I tried something new with the top of the tree...copying a tree at Paul Michael.  Next year, the star might be back.  But for now I like the bright colors.

We have a busy week planned so it feels so good to have this done.

This year I'm thankful for so much.  I'm thankful that I have a fun job...even if I'm on my legs all day.  I thankful that I have a safe place to land at the end of the day after being on my feet all day. I'm thankful for my husband and children.   I'm thankful that I have a great place to worship.  I'm just thankful.

P.S.  I have been experiencing a huge creative block with this blog.  And if I'm honest, I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest.  ha.  I come in here to try to blog and get sucked in to Pinterest.
I suspect I won't be blogging much over the busy Christmas season but I am going to try.  Even if no one reads this but Chuck, I need this blog to continue.  If you are reading this...thank you.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First World Problems

This is sadly funny.  Some of you may even be offended but really which of one of us hasn't complained about something that is clearly a First World Problem.


Last week I got glitter in my eye and had to walk next door from my work and pay a $40 co-pay to the eye doctor so she could dig it out.   

I had to groom my own dogs today....on my day off... because we are saving for Christmas....and now I have dog hair all over my kitchen floor.

I need to get my hair highlighted but am trying to hold off until it's closer to the holidays.

I'm guilty of complaining about First World Problems. 

Are you?

Since seeing this, I've caught myself doing it alot. 
I'm working on trying to stop.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mrs. Grinch

While shopping yesterday, I heard a lady commenting to another customer, "I hate that there are Christmas decorations out already."

The other lady nodded her head politely in agreement....but said nothing.

Then Mrs. Grinch walked off talking  yelling out loud....



She said this so loud  that heads turned all around her to see who was yelling.  And for a second she made eye contact with me. I scattered fast before she heard the Christmas music being piped in over the speakers and went postal.

I was proud of my impulse control because what I wanted to say to her was "STUPID YOU."  Because lady, it's not just JCPenney.  It's retail.  And it happened about a month ago, so get over it.   And if it makes you that angry, you need to stay home.  I felt like she might see the glitter stuck to my face and realize I've been decorating, too.  Because I have.

I'm not saying it doesn't feel like the rush is on.  But the rush is on.  Try hard to not be a Mrs. Grinch.  There are far worse things in this cold, cruel world than to see Christmas decorations up in November.

The real problem is our calendar.  It had to be a man that made the decision to have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas fall within 55 days of each other in a year that holds 365 days.  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Texans

Chuck and I were invited to the Texans game last Sunday.  The best part was we were invited to a suite....and had field passes to go down on the field prior to game time to watch the Texans warming up.  Two observations: The football players look like giants from the field vantage point...and like ants from the suite vantage point. 

 Here's me and Chuck before the game.

Oh, wait.....this is the one of me and Chuck before the game.

Getting the guys fired up.  The rap music was blaring! 

Took a picture of #83 for Chrissy...Walter and his wife are Magpies' customers.

 Check out the pink shoes for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


These guys have nothing on Kim K in the backside.

The view from our suite. 

We ate and drank and watched the Texans win.


Friday, November 4, 2011