Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Passport Picture

For those of you who have followed my passport picture taking fiasco this summer, I will tell you one more little story and then reveal the pictures. You're holding on to the edge of your seat aren't you? This is what blogs are all about people. Little, bitty mundane ditties.

Last Saturday, I went to Walgreen's for the last photo attempt...and for those counting, it would be #4. I had done some "head" work and decided I would have one more picture taken and then choose one. No matter how bad it looked to me. I knew I was being ridiculous. But an obsessor doesn't stop easily.

I went to the photo department of Walgreens and was greeted by an incredibly nice young man. Young man = 19 years old. He smiled, he talked, he took my photo. He asked me if I wanted to see it....without me asking him if I could see it. It was just the complete opposite experience of what I had had at CVS...3 times. When I saw the picture on the screen, I commented that it didn't look like me. He said, "Well, not really, but it's for a passport ....and they never really do...."

I asked him if I looked that ugly. He said, "No, not at all....I certainly don't see you like that at all....(hahaha....real laughter). But remember it's for a passport and as long as it gets you where you're going, that's all that matters."

Well, thank you Dr. Phil.....that's all I needed to hear.

Okay, obsession over.

Now here are the 4 pictures.....and then a picture of me that was taken by my talented photographer friend last winter so you can compare.


Flaring nostrils, and flyaway hair. Really CVS girl?

Stupid head tilt and extremely long ears. When did that happen? Is this the best you got CVS?

Longer ears and a closed mouth and Crisco oil rubbed on my face. This taken by the chick who apologized later for being in a bad mood and asked me if I wanted to go on a killing spree with her later.

Prolapsed eyelids...but hey, the double chin looks almost non-existent. And the young guy who took this picture was so nice. I pick this one!

And me.

And the ending to this story......

I applied for my passport yesterday at the local Post Office. I walk in and right beside the window is their photo set-up. Ugh. Only one person is in line ahead of me....and he is almost done. The clerk ask him to raise his right hand and repeat after her, "I solemnly swear that all the information is correct and this photograph is an EXACT LIKENESS of me."

Whoa! I can't swear that! So when it's my turn, I tell her immediately that I can't swear that! hahaha....she says, "Girl, ain't no one like their picture."

Whew.....turns out I'm normal.

Okay Linda and Peggy....your turn.


  1. Well it's confirmed for me that like they say we are always much much more critical of our appearance than a stranger ever is. I'm that stranger and personally I like each and every one of your pictures. You look very nice in each of those photos unlike, of course, MY driver license photo that makes me look like a matronly mama.

    Whew, glad that's over... LOL


  2. I am always, ALWAYS a hot mess on official document photos...

    I have had people tell me I look a lot better in person...that's a compliment, right?

    Peace - Rene

  3. very cleaver post. Made me think that there could be room out there for professional photographers for passport pics. Then again, who would want to pay a few hundred bucks for that shoot? haha

  4. This is so funny! In my passport photo, I look like a Russian spy!! It really looks nothing like me - I'm surprised the customs people even let me back in the country. LOL!

  5. LOL I'm just reading this post...where have I been? Katy, TX? oh yeah... Anyway....I'll consider it. I pick the last one from Walgreens, too. I'm surprised you didn't try again at the post office!

  6. You know I was at Kinkos and I think you bring in your own favorite photo and they make it into the passport size. I thought of you when I saw that- maybe in 10years when this one expires you should try that!