Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enough about you...let's talk about ME

  • It's gout.

  • It's not gone yet. Still inflamed (but doesn't really hurt) so I am to take Ibuprofen.

  • Doctor said that meant those crystals are still in there as long as there is inflammation.

  • Told her about cherries.......well, cherry cobbler....she said the cherries are supposed to be fresh, not cooked. Whoops.

  • Told her about the baking soda. She smiled. (Like oh, you little non-doctor you)

  • Told her about meds killing my stomach. She said you are only supposed to take it until that happens...then stop. REaLlY? You think someone could have told me that?

  • We will never know what triggered the gout but my blood work was fine.

  • Well, most of my blood work. My cholesterol is high again. Please take Vytorin.

  • Oh, and I have a bunion forming ....they saw that on the x-ray....that was a bonus!

  • I waited over an hour to see the doctor so I talked like an auctioneer once she got in there.

  • Good news? I'm alive. And have many blessings.

  • Bad news? I'm aging. I need to diet and exercise. Wow. I didn't see that coming.

Lady Doctor in dark blue scrubs: ...and then this patient says she looked it up on the internet!


This is what doctors are really doing while you are waiting in the room for an hour.


  1. Oh my gosh. I can't believe I was wrong. rofl Well, at least you have something more exciting than a spider bite. Right?

  2. Oh well, that's life, right?? full of surprises - some we like and some not so much.

    I howled over that last picture of the doctors laughing at us researching our own ills on the internet. I'm guilty, big time.

    You've got the right attitude that's for sure! :-)


  3. Oh girl, you just make me laugh out loud. Really - sorry about the pain and the gout but thanks for the laughs. It is refreshing.

  4. So glad you don't have to wonder any more. Also so glad there is not another picture of your toe on this post. It's one thing to diet and exercise when it's your own idea but quite impossible to do when you are told by a doctor to do it!

  5. Love your sense of humor! Hope your toe heals fast!

  6. you'd think someone could have come up with a better word than gout. It's just not the best word.

    That being said I really hope you're staying off your feet and relaxing!

  7. you are a crack up!!! im so sorry i missed all of your hurting...i would have come over and taken care of you!i have been in corpus @ the beach. im glad you are better and i love your curtins...can you sew a pillow?
    i love you,tricia:)

    ps:i thought it was a spider bite too.

  8. Your poor gout-y toe!!! I hope it feels better very soon! Your caption for the photo of the laughing doctors couldn't be more true! xo-Mel