Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to make a 1 day paint job last all week

We have lived in this house for 10 years. The color of every wall, ceiling and closet in this place was the palest mauve (purple-pink) when we bought it in '99. Most walls were painted a very safe neutral before we even moved in...I would have done it before closing on the house if I could have...just so I wouldn't keep dreaming about the mauve. I would have dreams that I had to live with that color and people would think I picked it out. The closets upstairs are still mauve, if you don't believe me...let me know and I will post a picture on here.

We painted the master bedroom a Ralph Lauren color within a month of moving in....Cameroon Green. It was a very grayish green. And I loved it. Until I got sick of it.

Then we painted it a coral color about 5 years ago....to match a Ralph Lauren comforter I had. If you were to take the paint swatch and hold it up to the comforter, it was the exact shade of coral in the flowers. But on the walls of a 15 x 17 room, it screamed HELLO THERE!!! Chuck actually painted the room for my Mother's Day gift that year, so I have lived with it for 5 years. It was very pretty at night with lamp lighting but way too much otherwise.

Let me give you a little advice...find the exact color you want, then go towards the "muddier" shade of that color. It won't scream at you.

Are you wondering what those two ovals are above the bed?

Hats...Chuck's grandfather's and my grandmother's.

On my summer project list, the biggest project is to paint this room, AGAIN. And I'm doing it all by myself. So I am taking a one day paint job and making it last all week. Monday...prime two walls. ...two of the walls with the least amount of furniture. Tuesday...paint color on those two walls, and touch up enamel on baseboards of those walls. Wednesday ....you get it.

I am so sick of painting, I can't even begin to put it into words. I think I am spoiled because Chuck is the painter and I am the cutting in person. But cutting in and painting is way too many trips up and down the ladder. I have begged Chuck to take a day or two off....but he looks at me with that look....uh, hello? I work. This is your project. And then he proceeds to tell me how many meetings he has blah, blah, blah. And honestly I am too tired to give it my usual pleading and begging until I wear him down. He's right, this is my project.

So I am knee deep in paint right now. I will be "out of the office" so to speak until it's done.
Hopefully I will have the "AFTER" picture soon.

On a completely different note: I did watch the MJ Memorial service today while painting. I teared up and had that horrible lump in my throat....but couldn't stay focused enough on the screen to go into a full out cry. I think those who put this together did a wonderful job. The speakers certainly highlighted Michael's finest qualities and moments....while touching lightly on his strange behaviour. The artists who sang were wonderful. Brooke Shields was very believable....and she made me feel guilty for ever thinking their relationship was bizarre.

But I still wonder how he got from that little boy from Gary, Indiana....to the man he was last week that convinced a doctor to give him the drugs. The drugs that apparently relaxed his heart and lungs to a complete halt.

All that matters is that Paris said her Daddy was the best father you could ever imagine. And that's the one thing he would been the most proud to hear. Let's all believe he did hear it.


  1. hey its tricia:)

    first i loved seeing you last week it was just like old times! cameron is beautiful and chuck was FUN!!! i cant believe your room was a shade of pink...love the new color! i was also watching MJs memorial and thought it was great! brought back so many memories!!!! call me, love you!!!!!
    tc :)

  2. Good luck with your painting! I am the official painter around here more because of Jim's lack of skill than my desire to be the official painter. I need to get the girls bathroom done but I'm having a hard time accomplishing anything this summer.

  3. OK, here I am again. You are doing what I did two weeks ago. We put wood on our bedroom floor June 8th. Since the huge armoire we have was out, WHY NOT PAINT? We had faux painted and glazed our bedroom *pink* at the most 13 years ago. Wanted a lovely creamy white to go with my linen duvet...painted two walls (by myself on day off + weekend)primer and color, wasn't happy with color, bought two samples and did squares on the wall I painted (too dark), bought a Pottery Barn color (they spend $$$ chosing colors, right? and I was tired of looking at samples...) painted one wall...wasn't happy. Went back to the first color....Finished, by myself, in time to get room back together for our Supper Club. Still not happy. Cote de Texas did a wonderful post of a lovely house in town. Had luscious walls. She named the paint and color. Where was that post two weeks before??!! I am not repainting that room (yet!) but I am going to get at least a sample of the Martin Senour paint and SEE what I think. Sorry for that long comment but I do know exactly what you are feeling...I just wish you the bestest of luck!!

  4. ok we are living in some weird parallel universe. the husband will be painting our dining room tomorrow!

    i am *loving* the new shade! i think your bed will pop nicely against it. and you have one BRAVE hubby to have pink! mine's like that too though. the new color looks very tranquil!