Monday, June 17, 2013

Jill and Kate

About a month ago we were sitting out in the back yard with a glass of is our Sunday evening thing...and Will says, "uh,    so,    did I tell you that this guy with Jill and Kate called me a while back and said that Jill and Kate wanted to come play at my house on their Songs and Stories Tour?" 

Uh,       no,       you didn't tell us that. 

I find out that Will applied to be considered as a stop on this tour.  But applying and chosen are two different things.

Long story, short...ha like that could happen...Jill and Kate are these incredibly talented (and beautiful and kind and real) singers who just happened to be Kelly Clarkson's back-up singers for 5 years.  They are now out on their own and touring about the country to promote their new cd "Heart of Stone."  But instead of big venues they are going in to people's homes and singing for a small group of 15 to 50 of your closest friends and family. Will tells us so nonchalantly that it took us a minute to realize he was saying that these 2 girls were going to come in to our living room and play a private our living room.  In.  Our.  Living.  Room.

Heck YES!  A phone call and a signed contract happened.  He paid the fee, we bought the food and beverages and then fell in love with Jill and Kate.

A picture taken through the front window of Will
hugging Jill and Kate as they arrived.

Beautiful music, perfect harmony.

Funny, too.

What a night.  What a memory.  I feel like they're family now.

Do yourself a their music.
Then when they're extremely famous...and they will be...
you can say you listened to them from the early days.


Jill and Kate
Heart of Stone
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