Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey Bidder, bidder!

My blogger/Silver Bella/Aggie friend, Linda sent me an email with an online auction site that was selling off things from the MSC at Texas A&M. Apparently there is some remodeling going on and tear down is happening in the very near future. The site included things from old metal cabinets to sets of 18 mirrors to wall units to tables. There were even some dirty, grimy old couches on there.

MSC? Memorial Student Center. It's the heartbeat of the Texas A&M campus. It houses the book store, snack bars, meeting rooms, lobby areas......and many, many couches where many, many Aggies have napped when they should have been cramming for exams.

My daughters and father are all Aggies...which makes me, my husband, my son and all the cats and dogs officially Aggies. Aggie Daughter #2, Cameron, got online and bid for several items....and we won! I don't know what I'll do with the winning item. But gosh doggit, I won! Okay...the starting bid was $5.00 and I won it for $70. But I WON. I NEVER win auction bids.

So thank you Linda for telling me about this. Thank you Cameron for bidding on it. And thank you Chuck for funding it. For all the Aggies who sat here and sweated on this and scratched it up.....I will take good care of it from now on.

I'm not really the sentimental type, but no matter how ugly this table came from the MSC....the heartbeat of Texas A&M campus. Where the sign on the door reads, "All hats must be removed before entering."

That gives me chills. Traditions. Okay....maybe I am a little sentimental. I probably could have bought this same table at Goodwill for $30.00...but it wouldn't have Aggies' sweat on it.


  1. I wonder how that would look in my entryway? Hmmm .....

  2. Congrats! Linda sent the link to me also but how could I get the stuff other than driving down there, buying a house to put it in and living out the rest of my life there? Oops, I might have missed out on an opportunity...