Saturday, July 18, 2009

Me Sew Pretty One Day

I added another layer to the valance in my dining room. This is the fabric that I found on the whirlwind trip to downtown Nacagdoches when we were there for Will's orientation. I only bought 1/2 a yard so there was no extra for messing up. The whole time I was sewing/hot-gluing....I was thinking to myself, "Me sew pretty one day." And then I would giggle.

Go ahead and call the psych ward now....but I know where that thought came from. I recently read the book, "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris. It's a collection of writing about his dysfunctional family/childhood. The title comes from the first chapter in which little David is called out of his classroom to see the speech therapist. Funny, quirky stuff.

Anyway.......when I get to sewing, I am just trying to get through it. I would die if any of you ever came to my house and looked at the back of anything. And if you looked really close to the front, you just might see dried glue dripping down the fabric.

Me sew pretty one day.


  1. Love the look of those curtains - very eclectic... p.s. you are still a hoot!! lol LindaSonia

  2. I really am not a stalker, I promise! I just came to this entry on my dashboard while I am sitting here with my daughter "who at this moment I want to strangle" while she is trying to finish her 4H project. Sewing a semi-formal gown, to be judged Tuesday morning! Can we use hot glue to hold this thing together? The worst thing is, It cost us $70.00 for all the stuff and I was hoping it would be her homecoming dress but after all the hours of struggle she hates it and will never wear it. If I see tears again I'm on the next plane to Texas! Do you have a guest room and a therapist?