Friday, July 3, 2009

How We Prepare for the Nation's Birthday....

Watch the History Channel all day his Got Milk pajama pants.

Hunker down between pillows in preparation for those awful firecrackers....
scared already because a few were set off
by the pesky boys on her street.

Nap.....because he is a cat. And he is a Hackney.

Chuck and I have volunteered to serve sno-cones at our church's big Fourth of July celebration tomorrow evening. Our shift is from 6-8 and I am willing to bet we head on home before the fireworks. You know the fireworks that you wait in the heat for for hours? And then when it finally gets dark enough.....they begin and are over in 15 minutes? Yeah, those fireworks.
We will be home providing comfort and shock therapy for all the dogs and cats around here. They will be crawling up our legs or under the beds.
Wherever you are tomorrow, I hope you remember how blessed we are to be free.


  1. Amen Sister!!! Does Chuck have any t-shirts that AREN'T maroon? Not that there's A THING wrong with that, just curious. I mean y'all do own a good chunk of the place by now and by the time Will's done.

  2. Hey....I love the Maroon Out T-Shirt!