Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking for an exciting, fast-paced job?

Then do not apply at the photo department at CVS.

If you read about my passport picture taking here.....then you know I said I was heading to Walgreens next. But yesterday as I left the doctor's office, there was a CVS staring at me. So I whipped into the parking lot and headed in....fully confident that this was meant to be and this would be the passport picture I was searching for.

I go in...and there is only one other visible customer in the entire store and she is in the opposite direction of the photo counter. The young, hip worker behind the photo counter didn't even flinch as I approached her. Again...there is no one in here, nothing going on. Just me. And her. And the other customer on the other side of the store.

Me: Yes, can I get a passport photo taken?


(points to the screen by their freezer........not a word...I AM NOT KIDDING.)

Me: Okay, let me know when you're taking it.

Her: Well, I'm zooming so now.

Me: (lots of nervous movements but staying quiet)


Me: May I see it?

Her: (flashes the other side of the camera towards me for a second)

Me: Can we do another one?

Her: (rolls her eyes)

Me: You don't really have patience for me do you?

Her: Uh, it's just I've already done like 6 of these this morning........

Me: My hair just keeps messing up.

Her: (in the flattest tone I've ever heard) ...there's a bathroom in the back if you want to go check it.

Me: No, it's okay. Let's just go with that one.

(I am realizing this is my problem...and I need to work on it inside my head....I know you figured that out already...I'm slow)

Her: It will take 10 minutes if you want to walk around. (no inflection, no smile....flat)

10 minutes later....

Me: Are they ready?

Her: Yeah. Look, I'm sorry if I was rude earlier. It's just I'm having a bad day.

Me: Yeah. Me, too.

(staying quiet....but fighting the urge to tell her about my gout, my cholesterol, my age, my thighs, my tooth problem last year, the dog peed in my daughter's bed.......)

Her: So, you want to go on a killing spree together later?

Me: Sure. You plan it, I'll go with you.


Me: Thanks, bye........

(smile that sympathetic smile that says I'm so sorry your job must be so stressful to have to come out behind that counter and take a photo like 6 or 7 times a

And since you're dying to know. The picture sucks. So I know it's something I have got to get over. But if you know me, you know I tend to obsess. This is the Obsesscion du jour. And it's only cost me $24.00 so far.

Yes. That is how I throw my money around. Oh, and $80 on prescription meds yesterday.


  1. It has been a tough week on your girl!! Sorry it was G..., not going to say it! This kind of cystal is not fun, is it nor pretty. At least you will be better soon I hope. Maybe the passport pics will be better too. As I tell my daughter, stop trying so hard. Look at that camera like you are looking at the Queen's jewelry in the Tower (of London)...guess that would involve drooling, so, never mind.

  2. OMG I want to work at CVS! Wouldn't it be fun to be pissy all the time and care about nothing and no one!
    Okay - here's the thing - you, Linda, Debe and me - we all post our passport photos... I DARE YOU! Double dare... I will be in London on Sunday morning for about an hour and a half. Shopping my way across Terminal 5.

  3. ha! I had to go find my passport and look. It's not tooo bad. Come to Kingwood and I'll take you to Steve at Kingwood Photo...that's what ya need to do. Maybe we can do lunch out here and make it Passport Photo Event! We could have favors, too. Debe and Peggy?

  4. You are so funny! I promise, my passport picture would put all of yours to shame. When I was headed to England the 1st time, I told the lady checking the passports "please tell me I don't look as bad as my picture??" She looked at me sneered, and then laughed as she told me "NO, you don't." I told her "God bless you!" Also, the lady at the post office looked at me sadly and said "You know you are stuck with this picture for 10 years?" I'm telling you, I'll put you all to shame. See you soon! Linda C. Still can remember my user name, or maybe it's my password? Duh

  5. Cute blog! You have a great personality! Thanks for leaving me a comment.

    We have lots of "CVS workers" at various jobs here in Georgia. You would think with the recession employers could pick up some good employees and let the inefficient ones GO!

  6. Julia, Julia, Julia. Did you miss my comment with instructions on where to go for your passport photo? Actually the lady that did your wonderful family photos can do it. Yeah those people at the drug stores must be on some of the drugs they sell!

  7. Sorry for the surly service but it made for a laugh out loud blog post! xo-Mel