Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kids....furry and non-furry

Kids For Sale. Thank goodness they thought to put a picture of a goat on their sign.

Chuck just left to take Jordan to the airport. She's on her way back to the desert of Arizona. I think she had a good week......I know I did. It's a treat to have an adult child come home for a visit. We started her visit with a meal at Houston's......a favorite of our whole family......and ended with Mexican food last night. In between there was barbeque, Chic-Fil-A, homecooking and Bluebell. Food addiction? Whatchu talkin'bout?

While here, Jordan borrowed Will's camera and took a couple of rolls of film. She got some really cute ones of the furry kids and I wanted to post them. If you know me, you know I love my dogs. I love one of them way more than the others.......but I think dogs need other dogs, so I do put up with the other two. Yes, I said 3. And if I had a bigger piece of land, I would probably have a whole herd. If dogs come in herds.

The oldest dog is Dixie. She is a Bijorkiepoo. That's what she was called in the Chronicle ad. The perfect lap dog, the ad of course, on a whim, I called the number. (I read the want ads for puppies........don't tell Chuck. He is unaware of this addiction....just as he is unaware I am overweight and sometimes get in a bad mood.) Anyway, I made the call and the nicest lady told me the puppies were really mutts but too high -classed to be called that. The mama was a Yorkie Poo and the daddy was a Bichon. Before I knew what I was doing, I got directions to their house and said we would be over later that day to look at them.

At this time, we had one older Golden Retriever and had just had to have a 1 1/2 year old Shit Zu (that's how I'm spelling it.) put to sleep. Another story, another day.......but in a nutshell, we had a new kitten and the dog got into some cat litter and it was the clumping kind and it basically shut down his colon. We didn't know what was wrong with the dog until $600 worth of tests later, the vet told us there was nothing to do but take him home and wait for him to die. I took him to another vet who gave him another 48 hours of care and then reaffirmed that he wasn't going to make it. It was very, very sad and we had to make a very hard decision........and it had only been the previous week.....which is why I was looking at puppy ads that day......although I really do look at them alot.)

So back to that day....which was Oct. 22, 1999, our anniversary. Chuck had taken the day off and we were planning on going out to lunch somewhere. When the lady said they lived in Clearlake, I thought perfect! We'll go out to eat on the other side of Egypt. Now all I had to do was figure out how to tell Chuck about the puppy we were going to look at.

I told him like I tell him everything. I just blurt it out and give him the look that with it. He said we would go look but that's it. Just Look. We aren't even taking any cash. "I mean it." In his sternest voice. (whatever..........)

So on that day we head an hour south, go have a nice lunch then find the puppy house, and the lady greets us at the door. She brings out the Mama Dog and the litter of puppies. They are one huge cluster of puppies, coming into the room tripping and licking all over each other. Then one shoots out of the cluster and runs right to Chuck. I am not kidding. I could not make this up. He looks at me, then at the lady and says, "Where's the closest ATM?"

We named her Dixie Belle and she is the smartest, most neurotic dog ever. She has OCD and lots of skin allergies and thinks if she stares long enough, she can make a tennis ball move in the water. She's a swimmer, a soccer player (rolls the ball with her feet and bumps it into the air with her head) and a football player (hikes it between her legs better than the pros). She was born on 9-09-99....making her the oldest furry kid I have.

Perfect lap dog? Uh, no. Her legs don't bend when you hold her.......they stick straight out. Feels like you're holding an animal that has already visited the taxidermist. But she's great entertainment and a really sweet dog. Just don't bring out a tennis ball....or you'll be sorry. She never tires of bringing it back to you to throw. You, however, will tire of it after the 64th time. Many tennis balls have been thrown over the back fence because if we try to hide them....she can find them.

Dixie Belle Hackney

The youngest dog is a Chihuahua that Cameron brought home one night during her senior year of highschool. She called home from her boyfriend's friend's house and said she was holding the cutest little puppy that the family was giving away. I said, "NO." She said, "But Mama, it's black & white." I said, "Bring it home and let me look at it." (Cameron knows how to word & white......hello? I love black & white.)

Chuck was mad, mad, mad. He wouldn't speak for days. Not that we could tell a difference. He doesn't talk much. But he had his cheeks puffed we knew it was "not speaking" versus "not talking." Then about the third day, I came into the den and the new puppy was laying on his shoulder while he was watching the evening news. He had a look of defeat on his face.......but the puffy cheeks were gone.

This was the easiest "puppy" as Cameron really did all the work. She got up with it at night and cleaned all the messes and took her to the vet for all the shots.......just as she promised. Cameron's good for her word. And we named this one Sadie Sue. She's a Chihuahua........yappy and bug-eyed. Her birthday is Septemberish, 2006.

Sadie Sue Hackney

And now for the dog of my life....the one that is my favorite. I have grown up with dogs....I came from a dog loving family and continue that tradition and I'm not sure I've ever loved one like I love this one. Her name is Maggie May (so original, I know) and she is a Shit Zu Poo......purchased on the corner of 1960 and Kuykendahl on Mother's Day, 2003, after one too many glasses of wine at dinner. We were leaving Pappa's Cafe and I saw the sign.........made Chuck do a U turn.....just to look. (really, by now you think he'd learn)

There were 3 little puppies in this crate and the lady selling them said they had been there all day. She was getting ready to close shop and would give us a good deal. Maggie was the only girl and the only white one. The other two were the prettiest caramel color but boys. I just do girl dogs. I looked at Chuck and said, "Chuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk, I really like this one." And, "She's been in this crate allllllll dayyyyyyyy." He said, "Okay." The lady said 250......he said would you take a check? She said yes. He said would you take 225? She said yes, but you're getting a great deal. (Really lady? You're getting $225 for a puppy that noone else would buy.....all day....maybe you're getting the great deal.)

It was absolutely, positively the MOST IMPULSIVE thing we have ever done. And we have done alot of impulsive things in our married life. I remember driving home with this puppy and thinking what the hell did we just do. What is wrong with me? Why do I not have any self-control. I'm a mother, for God's sake. Can I be a better role model? My kids are in the back seat and I am going gaga over this puppy. Ughhhhhh.

And then after a few sleepless nights holding this precious thing up to my neck while she cried for her birth mother, I fell in love. I shudder to think of the joy I would have missed out on if I hadn't told Chuck to make that U turn. Do you think that's the Holy Spirit?

Wouldn't you fall in love, too?

And now almost 6 years later, she still has me wrapped around her finger. She allows me to carry her on my hip and talk "baby talk" to her. And Chuck is even luckier. Maggie sleeps under the covers against his legs. I think his furry legs are her surrogate birth mother. heehee.

She is the best greeter in the world. She will not stop until you stop and love on her when you return from being gone. Even if the trip was just to take the trash out. She is the limpest noodle when being held. She lets us pull her ears over her eyes and up into a ponytail of sorts. She is just happy.

Some of my non-furry children have called her d-u-m-b, but I would never call her that. I will admit that after she goes out the doggy door to use the restroom, she cries at the back door to be let in. We have to yell "Maggie, come back in!!" several times until she remembers the doggie door swings both ways.

Maggie May Hackney

Just this week an email was going around about a litter of lab-mix puppies that were thrown out on the road. Someone picked them up but obviously can't keep them. I would post the picture here but I had to delete it because everytime I looked at it, I felt my self starting to reach for the phone to call the number. I have had this conversation in my head over and over all week.

Me: Ohhhh, they're so cute.

Me: NO.

Me: But, a lab -mix. That would probably make the greatest pet.

Me: NO.

Me: Chuck wouldn't stay mad long. He never does. And he would end up loving it sooo much...

Me: NO.

Me: And Will is leaving for college this summer and we would have more room in the house.

Me: What the hell are you thinking? That doesn't even make sense! There'll be more room?

Me: But someone has to save them!

Me: NO.

Me: What's one more dog?

Me: NO.

Me: At least it's not octuplets when you already have 6 kids at home and live with your mother and you're not even married. Now that's crazy. But this would only be the 4th dog. And I'm married.

Me: NO.

Me: You're so rude. Where's that fun, impulsive girl you used to be?

Me: Chuck squelched her....finally.

So I did the only thing I could think of ........I forwarded the email to tons of friends. Maybe by now they forwarded them on and someone has taken in these babies.

I hope you have a furry kid in your life.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reflective listening.....

Today's sermon was about conflict.....specifically in marriage. The preacher told us right off the bat that there would always be conflict. So it's not a matter of how to get rid of it, but how to have it. One of the examples he gave later in the sermon was about how to participate in "reflective listening." Now, I've seen a few Dr. Phil's in my life so I knew all about this....but I listened and it was good to have Chuck in on this.

The preacher and his wife acted this little skit out.....after they acted out the wrong way to have a conflict. Which by the way, I excel at.....

Wife: I feel loved when you help me with dinner instead of just sitting down in front of the tv when you come home.

Husband: Okay....what I hear you say is that you feel loved when I am proactive in helping you with dinner.

Wife: Yes.

Husband: Now may I say something? I would like for us to sit down and reconnect before we start worrying about dinner.

Wife: So you would like to spend a few moment together each evening reconnecting?

Husband: Yes.

So, Chuck and I had a real life practice session a little while ago........

Me: Chuck, I really feel loved when you get in here and help me unload the dishwasher.

Chuck: Okay......(I leave the room and he yells out) Hey, don't I get to tell you how I feel loved?

Me: No. I 'm still learning how to do this. Get in here and start unloading.

Jordan arrived in town last night from Phoenix and Cameron drove in for the afternoon. All birds were in the nest for a few hours today. The dogs love it when we're all here. Lots of choices of laps to hop on.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Never clip your nails....

Today, I read a book to one of the classes about friendship.....and how to be a good friend. So a little while later, this is a conversation that took place between me and one of the boys in the class.

K: Mrs. Hackney, when A. couldn't get a sticker off of his book, I helped him. I scraped and scraped and scraped it until it came off.

Me: Wow.....You were being a good friend. That was really nice of you, K. I like you alot.

K: Yep. That's why I never clip my I can scrape things.

A side note: I have probably always had an attention deficit problem....although it's never been diagnosed or treated. I like to think it's what helps me work with kindergarteners. Every minute in kindergarten is different. Conversations aren't finished. Questions aren't answered. And random, VERY random things are said to me minute by minute. So my brain doesn't stay on any one subject for more than a moment.......but then it never did.

I would like to call it quick thinking. QT not ADD.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today in kindergarten....1/20/09

Today, all the classrooms were allowed to watch the inaugaration at the school where I work. We even had the monitors on in kindergarten. I was in a classroom right before Barack took the oath of office. I asked the kids around me if they knew if this was the president of our city, our state or our country.

One kid said.......our city.

One kid our VILLAGE.

It's always good to get a checkpoint on where their thinking is.

Then at lunch, I sat down by a little boy who had been moved to a table to sit by himself. This is a consequence of not being able to follow the rules of your table at lunch....after several warnings. I asked the boy to tell me a story about something.

Him: "You know Colby?"

Me: "No."

Him: "You know you go down my street, way, way down my street to the cul-de-sac....where the house is with the blue car....."

Me: "Oh, okay...."

Their world is rotating on the axis of their body. Surely, I should know Colby if he does. You know.......the house with the blue car.

If you haven't talked to a 5 year old lately, you should make a point to do so.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Before a little dining room with the round table. I so desperately want this table to work in here........but it is just "off." Maybe it's the hutch that is "off." But it has to stay. As long as Chuck he stained this pine piece to match our furniture.

(In my next life, I will have a house full of pine furniture....but this life is full of the dark stuff.)

After......found a really cute print of desserts...poster size, so a Hobby Lobby poster frame on sale later and I have some new art which takes up a little more of the vast wall space. Move the fake topiary to the corner.....dust and all.....and it's wanting to work.

Close-up of the cute desserts.....

Here's a screen I bought at Hobby Lobby for the dining room. If you click on the photo below you can see how it creates a much needed wall. This house is open to a fault. Sometimes I wonder what's holding up the second floor.

Below are the corbels I found in Omaha, Second Chance. I finally took a picture of them. They fit perfectly on the ledge above our front door. They have a lot of character......and I love architectural pieces. I would like to believe these came off of an old farmhouse somewhere in Nebraska....where a little girl used to twirl around the posts held up by these on her front porch.

I sometimes feel like I have been cursed with liking pretty things. I have all that I need....until......

As I sit here and type this, I am also watching Intervention (which I am addicted to...on A&E, Monday nights....I have to decide at 8:00 if I am going to switch over to Jon & Kate Plus 8....depending on reruns) One girl's pretty things addiction is another girl's heroin addiction. See, Chuck? It could be way worse.

I love me some botanicals.......

Apparently the price of a shuttle from my house to Hobby Airport to pick up Stephanie then on to College Station is 2 very large, very cute botanical prints.......posters really. I received these in the mail from her last week. She had them at her store and I had drooled over them via the internet. But things appear smaller than they really are online apparently.......because these are super sized. I would love to have them framed but I will have to get a second job or start stealing cash out of Chuck's wallet for the next year or two....because as I mentioned, they are LARGE. For now they will hang in my craft room ...thanks Stephanie.

And just one more nod to Stephanie. Here is the sachet she made and I received in the Sachet Swap with some Silver Bellas. Do you see it?

It's the little bunny sharing the plate hanger with an antique plate from my Aunt Jean. Incredibly cute. The bunny, the plate, Stephanie and Aunt Jean. All incredibly cute.

civil rights......

The last two books I've read have been set during the civil rights movement of the 60's. (Magic Time; Same Kind of Different As Me) And, if you're like me, that's how you learn your history....through fiction with some historical background thrown in. I was a child in the 60's so I didn't think about civil rights....and I certainly didn't sit still for the evening news.

But the civil rights movement has been on my mind lately....I mean really, they had to go in their own door in the back? And drink out of their own water fountain? And schools were segregated? I wasn't even aware of this as a child. You don't know what you don't know. Whoa....

Today being Martin Luther King Day, makes me think about what a brave man Martin must have been to step out like he did and speak up like he did. He certainly was an eloquent speaker. And although he lost his life to the cause, what a difference he made on this earth while here.

And being on the eve of the swearing in of our next president.......I can't help but think of how far our country has come in the last 40 years. All in my lifetime.

I hope that Martin is looking down from above and watching tomorrow.

Having said that I am thinking of civil rights has to go both ways. Our country's laws should protect and provide civil rights....but each citizen should do their part to be a law abiding, self providing citizen.

Now, you readers may want to stop reading now as you may be offended by what I am going to say next.

A word to our new president........Would you please try to reform the welfare system so that babies aren't being born simply to collect another check? How about we pay for 2 kids and then tie the little mommy's tubes? Okay, 3 and an IUD implanted and an IUD check when they pick up their monthly welfare payment? (as seen on a tshirt ....Make Love, Not Babies)

I'm all for civil rights, but these kids don't stand a chance of climbing out and up.....even with all the opportunities this great country provides....if they keep having babies. And don't even get me started on the babies and their chances.

My heart aches for the babies of babies. I know how hard it is to raise children in a safe, warm home with groceries in the pantry........I can't imagine what it would be like to raise children with little to nothing.

I'm not talking color and the only race I'm referring to is the human race.
See what you can do, Obama.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I heard him before I saw him....

While out running errands today, Chuck and I stopped at a local bakery/restaurant for lunch. We were finished with our meal and waiting for the waitress to bring our ticket. Another group was being seated behind us ....and while I was aware of this, I had my back to the table and was not looking at them.

Their waiter approached them and I heard this voice say,"We're doing good, how 'bout you?"

And I turned around because I knew that voice. An older man was looking at me and I quickly turned back towards my table. But then the few neuro transmitters that still work in my brain were telling me look know that man. So I turned around again and he was looking at me again. On my way back to facing forward, I glanced at the lady beside him and that's when I knew. I knew that was my old boss.

My old boss. The one I haven't seen in 21 years. The one who I didn't say goodbye to on my last day of working for him for 10 + years because of all that had taken place in the last year of my working there.

I started working for this mortgage company when I was 20 years old...back in '78. I remember the day of my interview thinking I could hang in anywhere for 3 why not give it a go. Dan asked me in the interview if I could do a 10 key. I said sure.........I had no idea what a 10 key was, but I knew "sure" was the answer he was looking for. I got the job.

Within a matter of days, my direct supervisor called me in and said he noticed I wasn't very fast on a 10 key. By now, I knew it was a 10 key adding machine and everyone around me were very, very efficient on them. I acted like I didn't know they needed me to go fast. So he took a few minutes to show me how to hold my hand on the keyboard and I soon became a speed demon.

I worked at this place from the age of 20 until the age of 30. Through my single days of late nights and hangovers, dating and getting married, and having my first child....and up until right before my second child was born. So it is very hard for me to think about my 20's without the thought of this placed intertwined in the memory.

I was the boss' pet for the first few years and then my sister got a job there....and she became the pet. We were both hard workers but she was his actual secretary. We had a very good relationship with our boss.........but he was a nerd, so he was more like a father-type figure. Although he was only 34 when I was 20, I can remember thinking he was very old. hahaha.

Around 1987, the president and higher ups in the company got into some trouble selling loan packages to more than one bank. Over and over again. Lots of closed door meetings and rumors started happening. And before long, the company filed bankruptcy and the lay-offs began. Because my sister and I were in the "accounting department" we were some of last to go as we were needed for the auditors.

The last year was a complete hell. Morale was low, good friends had been let go, and there was no work to do. Everything was "frozen." I can remember one day that the only thing I did was type one check. One check. That's all. Just sat there. All Day. While my toddler was at the babysitter's and I had loads of laundry waiting to be done at home. This was not an unusual day but for some reason this is the day I check. No work to be done.

Chuck and I had gotten down to one car/one car payment in order to prepare for me being laid off. We rode to work together that last year. We would drop Jordan off at the babysitter, then he would drop me off, then he would head to his office. In the afternoons, he would pick me up first, then we would pick up Jordan. While it was a very stressful time with our financial worries, I do cherish those months of commuting together with Jordan in the car with us.

I started begging my boss to lay me off. Begging. BEGGING. He wouldn't. Begging some more. BEGGING some MORE. He said no. You see I needed him to lay me off so I could collect unemployment. I wasn't trying to work the system really but I knew Chuck would not understand me just quitting when I could get unemployment if I got laid off.

Then one day, in a hormonal rage (I was 7 months pregnant with my second daughter), I went into Dan's office, closed the door and said "God (Cuss Word), Lay Me OFF!" He said okay. Then he left to go to a meeting and I went home at 5:00 pm and we never said goodbye.

So I saw him today and we had a quick Hi How Are You.....blah, blah, blah. He just turned 65. We talked about how he was, where he was working.......then I hugged him goodbye and told him I had always thought of him fondly.

He was probably thinking, "Get away from me you rabid bitch." As that is what I was the last day he saw me at the mortgage company. Maybe after today, he will be able to think of me like he used to....when I was the boss' pet.

What I should have said the last day ........but didn't..........

Goodbye and thank you for being a great boss.

Goodbye and thank you for being there for me through my 20's.

Goodbye and thank you for giving me a raise over and over and over...which equaled a very nice salary for a young girl without a college degree.

Goodbye and thank you for paying for me to take college classes at night.

Goodbye and thank you for teaching me so much about accounting and financial statements and analysis and auditing.

Goodbye and thank you for telling me to go and handing me $500.00 out of petty cash when I got the phone call from my mother that my father was in Philadelphia, PA, and had just had a massive heart attack....I was 21. She and I got on the next plane out of Houston. He deducted the money out of my next several paychecks. NO questions asked. I took off 10 days and he didn't make me use any of my vacation days.

Goodbye and thank you.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not counting you ...but YOU count.

I came in here this morning because my husband, Chuck, found me to tell me that my counter on my blog isn't working. I said I knew but I think it was a free counter and it must have run out. He was persistant and kept asking what was I going to do about it? He really wanted that counter on here because he checks it. His words, "I like watching it." Haaaahaahaaahaahhaa.....if that doesn't describe my husband to you, I can't think of a better way.

I said....."Get your own blog and counter and leave mine alone." If that doesn't describe being married 25 years, I can't think of a better way.

('re not being counted anymore.......but you will ALWAYS count to me.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texas Longhorns 24 - Ohio State 21

....the final score for the 2009 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl........

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid sports fan. I live for football....well, any ball game if I'm going to be honest. Wait, if I'm going to be honest then you know this is so not true!
I actually groan and moan and flop around if I happen to walk in and the tv is tuned into a football game or any other game where one person is throwing some sort of ball for any reason.

But I do have a daughter who is an avid sports fan. And loves football. And is loving her job in Scottsdale, AZ, as an Event Coordinator for The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl of the big college football bowl games. Although if you asked her yesterday if she loved it, she might have hesitated. She is totally exhausted right now after working very long hours for the last month leading up to Monday night's big game.

My sister's husband, Kim, and their son, Jack, traveled to Phoenix to attend the game as Jordan was able to get them tickets for a very low A perk of her job is a few tickets to the game and the pre-game party. Even though she had to "work it," she was able to sit and watch the majority of the game.

Kim is a Longhorn Alumni and although he convinced his son Jack to put up those 2 long horns....Jordan had to Gig'em. Uncle Kim treated Jordan to dinner and even slipped her a little green in a sweet thank you card. She said it was so fun having them there.

Jordan was also able to give her good friend, Brandon, tickets so he and his brother could attend. Every girl needs a good guy friend around and Brandon has certainly been that for her. He's very good with car repairs and taxiing Jordan to the airport when she flies home for visits.

Jordan gets a week off at the end of January and will be coming home for a Brandon get ready. Your taxi service will be needed once again. Thanks for all you do for her/us.

While it's hard to have her so far away......she has a fun job, a great apartment, and a nice circle of friends and we couldn't be more proud of her. Maybe one day, the Texans will need an event planner.....a college grad with a little experience....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

In 2009....

I will remember: to stay in the present moment.
One place I will go: to Phoenix to see Jordan.
One physical habit I will break: eating to the point of stuffed.
One physical habit I will cultivate: to walk on my treadmill.
One mental habit I will break: the tendancy to obsess over small things.
One mental habit I will cultivate: staying in the present moment.
One relationship I will repair: with my mother.
One home repair I'll finally get around to: the hole in my bathroom ceiling from a leak 6 months ago...I will make a phone call to a repairman not actually do the repair myself.
One work habit I will change: stick to my schedule.
One thing I'll throw out: the excess shoes I never wear.
One thing I'll eat more often is: vegetables.
One thing I'll eat less of: the "white" stuff......bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and sugar.
One thing I'll drink more of: water. (if I can figure out how to get to the bathroom during the day.)
One thing I'll drink less of: the second cup of coffee.
One overdue email I'll send or overdue phone call I'll make: to my cousin Barbara.
One person I'll treat more respectfully: Chuck.
One thing I'll spend less money on: I'll get back to you on this one.
One change I'll make in my finances: stop carrying my credit card.
One thing I'll spend less time doing: looking at blogs for endless hours (maybe).
Something I'll spend more time doing: attending church and getting more involved there.
One resolution I've made before but will honor this time: no resolutions this year at all because I cannot seem to honor them.
I gained: new friends this year through Silver Bella.
I lost: 12 pounds (all in the chest area).
I stopped: spending time with those who are much as possible.
I started: attending church more regularly.
I was hugely satisfied with: the Silver Bella experience.
I was frustrated by: losing a favorite kindergarten teacher on our team.
I am embarrassed that: I haven't gotten in better shape.
Once again, I did: remain committed to my husband, family and job.
Once again, I did not: lose more weight (seeing a pattern here?)
The biggest physical difference between me last December and this December is: a small weight loss and haircolor.
The biggest psychological difference between me last December and this December is: I am more content.
I love spending time: reading a good book or listening to music while doing a little art.
I should have spent more time: with my mother.
I regret buying: too many People and Us magazines.
I will never regret buying: my children's college tuition.
I _________way too much: talked.
I didn't __________enough: exercise
My __________ drove me crazy: "parts" of my daily schedule at work...(if you work with me, you know which hour of my day I'm talking about.)
The most relaxing place I went was: Sedona, AZ
Why did I go: moved our daughter to Phoenix and took a trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona while in Arizona.
The best thing I did for someone else was: listen to their heartache.
The best thing I did for myself was: go to church.
The best thing someone did for me was: travel with me to Silver Bella, buy me the cutest bag and apron for the trip and give me their frequent flier miles.

I took this from Jordan's blog and filled in my own blanks. Now your turn.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go see it....

I'm a Jim Carrey fan so even though the preview didn't grab me....I just couldn't resist. Go see it. It's a great, feel good, giggle producing movie. Starts sad........ends good. Just the way I like my movies.