Monday, July 27, 2009

Find the hidden differences ala HIghlight Magazine

This is the "after" picture of my master bathroom taken on July 9...."after" because I painted the ceiling a khaki color and redid the window treatment.

And this is the "after the after" picture taken just now after doing 3 more things in here. Can you spy the 3 differences in these 2 photos?

Give up?

1.I painted the ceiling from the khaki to a spa green color.

2. I added tassles to the curtain.

3. And Chuck made this ottoman for me.

While I liked the brown was just too drab and dark for this bathroom ceiling. And I had a gallon of the green (SW Contented) left over from painting my bedroom ceiling. So it was screaming for me to use it. This room tends to be dark and I am trying every trick to lighten it up.

Oh, also I had Chuck put in all brass fixtures! Of course, I'm kidding. I am waiting patiently for brass to come back in style. And I know when that will be. The week after I replace them all wih oil-rubbed bronze.

Now for the ottoman....

I saw this is Pottery Barn but it was $799.00. That might happen...if I had another life.

So I took an old rug that I just couldn't bear to throw away even though the cats and dogs had frayed the edges and asked Chuck to make an ottoman similar to this one. It only cost about $50.00 and 3 fights.

Chuck made a frame...think box without a lid. He used banisters which he cut to size for the legs. I bought batting and foam. We stapled, cut, yelled, cut, bossed each other around then stained the legs.

This ottoman will probably be moved around this house as much as the rest of the furniture is. But for now, Chuck has a place to sit to tie his shoes.

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  1. Gorgeous - your changes and that amazing bench!!! Should you ever tire of it, I'd be happy to move it from room to room in my little cottage! xo-Mel