Sunday, July 12, 2009

4000 Trips Up and Down the Ladder Later

The master bedroom/bathroom redo is done. It was the major project on my summer to-do list and thank goodness, it's over. I hurt all over and the house is a wreck. But the room is finished!

If you visit here often, this is where I left you on Monday....



This is your friendly reminder to click on photos to enlarge for detail. Some pictures are taken with a flash and others are not....those are the ones with a yellow glow about them. The ones with a flash seem to show the truer color of the new wall paint.



This is called redecorating. Not to be confused with remodeling. My sister and a couple of my good friends are in the midst of remodeling and I'm not gonna lie..

I am envious.

But sometimes new paint, new bedding and a new ceiling fan will suffice. One day, I hope to gut the bathroom and remodel...

but for now here is what happened to it this week.


(Really this is an "after" from last summer when I rewallpapered in here and hung the 3 shutters as window treatment. But it's a "before" because I changed the window treatment and painted the ceiling...the shutters are now in the bedroom)


Basically, I painted the walls in the bedroom, the ceilings in the bedroom and bathroom, bought new bedding and bought a new ceiling fan. I also made a curtain for the big arch window over the tub and hung a couple of old shutters on either side. While I loved the other 3 shutters in was just way too dark. This room needed more light. My neighbors' kitchen sink window is right across from our bathroom window so we have to cover it somehow. And the window is just plain glass...not frosted.

See that tub? One day it will grow up and be a double shower with a bench.

And see that shower? It's going to grow up to be cabinets. Just got to get a kid out of college first.

I am going to show some more pictures of the overall project so you can see why my neck, back and feet hurt. Going up and down a ladder to do the cutting in on the ceiling is way too much for this old chick. Take my a painter. Save money somewhere else. Chuck took Friday off to help...and he was alot of help...but I still worked hard.

Pause for a short sermon: Manual labor should never be underestimated. When you hire your work for it cheerfully. Be glad you don't have to do it...and think of how you're doing your part to help the economy and put food on someone else's table. In all my years of decorating for people, I learned not to question the cost of labor. Anyone can find a good deal on a product....but it's the labor that you are really hiring "out." I tended to give my labor cost away and Chuck would have to preach to me about that. If you don't want to pay for the labor then do it yourself. Enough about this....I didn't hire this job "out"....I was the worker. And a cheap one at that. Free.

Back to the bathroom. This house was built in 1993 and all the fixtures are gold/ know, 1993 called and they want their gold fixtures back. I just work with them and hold on to the hope that either gold/brass will come back IN....or we will remodel one day.

Close up of the colors....

Another old shutter, and an over the door hanger...for our towels. If you know me, you know that I am extremely modest. I lock the door to the bathroom before getting in that shower....because it's clear glass. The shutter and towels do a great job of covering up some of that glass. Am I the only one who feels that way?

(The cat's bowl is behind that candlestick. The dogs love the cat food and this seems to keep them away from it. )

Looking up to the top of the curtain...I hung an old mirror top above ...this came off of an old mirror that belonged to my grandmother. All the shutters are from Roundtop through the years.

This is last year's project....wall treatment and curtain that I did.

Bamboo shade from Target. Clock from Ross.

My sink ....cleaned up just for you.

His sink....and a view of the painted ceiling..same color as the bedroom walls.

Heading out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

There's the shutters that used to be over the tub. I love them in here. The throw at the end of my bed is my old comforter. It's a Ralph Lauren ...Aubisson rug print (I think) and I just took the backing and stuffing off and folded it for some color. The new bedding is from JC Penney...American Living collection. It's a comforter with a quilted top. So comfortable.

Below is a close-up of the comforter so you can see the quilting.

New ceiling fan from can't tell it here, but the blades are crackled paint and are the exact shade of the walls....Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat. The ceiling is SW Contented....a muted blue-green that most would call a Robin's Egg blue...or Tiffany Box Blue.

This is the wall opposite of the bed with the MANdatory television.

This is my side of the bed....and I'm fixing to get in here and go to sleep. Ahhhh. Paint fumes and a new, quiet ceiling fan. Life is good. Thanks Chuck.


  1. Love it all ... so comfortable and beautiful ... can't wait til I can call you and say things are finished over here so you can help me put some finishing touches on the Ivy project. Getting there ... ordered shutters on Saturday ... hoping for carpet by the end of the week ... our shower still needs some work and there is some punch out work to be done this week. Sleep late tomorrow, then go get a spa pedicure! (I would if I could!)

  2. Absolutely fabulous redo! I love the tranquil feel of your new bedroom! And those colors in your bath, to die for! What a beautiful place to rest and relax!!! Totally inspiring! xo-Mel

    PS-I'm loving your new blog header, too!!!

  3. Beautiful result from all your HARD WORK!! It is lovely. I especially liked the ceiling painted the blue. Didya do that by yourself?? I hope that is where you got Chuck-help! Bravo!

  4. OMG! you are something! I love the new decor.

  5. Hi Julia,
    What a great redo. Love the new colors. Unless you are planning on needing to roll into your shower in a wheelchair, a double shower is over rated. I have one and I do not have a tub deep enough to soak in. I sell BeautiControl products and we have some wonderful things to help sooth tired muscles and help you feel better but I HATE my regular tub where if i want my shoulders in water my legs are halfway up the wall. If my legs are in my upper body (that I don't want to share with the world either) is freezing! Rethink a smaller deeper tub and not a double shower. Just a bit of bossy advice.
    Love, sherri