Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

It was a fun day in kindergarten....everyone dressed in their pink and red. The decorated shoe boxes full of cards and candy were in every classroom. The parties were in the afternoon so the kids were beside themselves all day......lots of moms and dads came to watch the kids eat the red icing off the cupcakes. I am so glad this holiday is still celebrated in public schools as it was one of my favorite memories from my elementary years. I am pretty sure we made memories today.

My own Valentine, Chuck,and I aren't the most romantic couple. Our love is deep and true...but not very romantic. I think I killed Chuck's romantic instinct the first few years of our marriage.

In the early years, when we had no money left over after paying the bills....he would give me flowers for V. Day. I would get so mad because if we had $50.00 to spend, I wanted a new shirt, a new pair of shoes, new make-up.....not flowers that would just die in a day or two.

Then in the years of babies and small children, we would go out to eat on this busiest of nights. These outings always proved to be most miserable. One evening I remember in particular....V. Day was on a school night but we loaded up the kids and headed out to eat anyway. After stopping at 2 different restaurants and leaving because the wait was over an hour....we stopped at an unknown Mexican restaurant in a strip center. There was no wait....should have sent up a red flag but didn't. The meal was awful (and I am not picky at all) and their plumbing had backed up so the bathrooms were closed. Ugh. Just thinking about a restaurant with backed up plumbing will suck the romance right out of the evening.

My point is....the romance of Valentine's Day is alive and well....just not around the Hackney house. It's just a fun day full of red and pink and hearts and candy and a celebratory mood. Now I buy Chuck some wine and chocolates and a funny card....and he gives me a couple of funny cards (he always buys 2 or 3 cards) and we still head out to eat. It's not so romantic, but it works for us.

My parents' first date was on February 14, 1955. They were married by June 18 and stayed married until February 28, 1998, when my father passed away from heart disease. It was always a very romantic holiday for them.

So whether you are a romantic or not, I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.

Edit to's 2 hours later and I just had to add that Chuck came home with roses.....awwwww.....grrrrr.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Jordan got the job offer she was waiting for.....with The Fiesta Bowl Organization that she interned with for 5 months. She will be heading back to Arizona for good sometime in the next 2 weeks. There is alot to figure out.....she must find an apartment, load up her things and get it all out there. (You know, the things that we just hauled back?)

She is so happy.....this is exactly what she wanted. Looks like we will get to vacation in AZ for the next few years. When Jordan was a little girl, I always had a feeling she would end up in California or some other far away place. Just a feeling that would come over me now and then. So it's like I am seeing something happen, that I always knew would happen. I will miss her....but we have a wonderful phone relationship, so I look forward to that.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Latest project....

A few weeks ago, my friend Kathy and I drove over to an antiques show in Brenham. I was not looking for anything.....just getting out for the day and enjoying the drive, the weather and conversation. The show was a little disappointing. The term "dead people's stuff" comes to mind. I know that saying is very rude when referring to antiques...but it rang a little true that day. There was just a lot of very high priced stuff....that you might see at any garage sale. I did find some really cute vintage cards and then stumbled onto a pine hutch. It caught my eye and I returned to the booth before leaving the show for the day. Before I knew it, I had purchased it.

Why, you ask?

Well, Chuck inherited his grandparents dining room furniture about 15 years ago. It was purchased by his grandparents in 1940. The set includes a table, 6 chairs, a buffet, a china closet and table pads....for a grand total of $137.95. That's 1940 dollars. (I know this because the original receipt was kept in the top drawer of the buffet.) It is not something I would have gone out and chosen, but it has special meaning to Chuck and it has a lot of character......gently used and scratched. And the best was free. Check that off the list of furniture he will never have to buy.

I have always wanted a hutch to go with the set as I use the buffet in the entryway and the china closet in the living room. The china closet is like an armoire with tall legs. So when I saw this pine hutch...the wheels started turning. It was a good price and so with a quick phone call to Chuck and just a little convincing him that we NEEDED this, it was sold to me. It took 2 trips to get it home as I no longer own the road monster/Suburban.

I bought 2 Mackenzie Childs knobs while in Scottsdale for the top drawer. Chuck spent last weekend staining it to match our furniture and below is the finished product.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.