Sunday, July 5, 2009

My world

....just got a lot smaller. I say that because yesterday I was doing my daily blog hopping and I realized that one of the newest blogs I have been reading is a neighbor. This blogger, April, is my neighbor. And it seems like the world just got smaller.

I found this blog just last week when another blogger highlighted her site. I added it to my favorites so I could go back and read her archives. (I know, I need to get a life....) When I landed on this blog yesterday there was a post of a neighborhood 4th of July parade. As I looked through her pictures, I kept thinking that neighborhood sure looked familiar. This blogger is a professional photographer so her name is watermarked on the photos. I looked in my neighborhood directory and there she was. She lives in my neighborhood! Less than a mile away.

She moved in 2 1/2 years ago and has spent alot of that time remodeling. Unlike me, she is good about taking BEFORE and AFTER pictures (she is a professional!) I enjoyed seeing what she did to her entryway. Chuck's going to hate this....because I am probably going to want to add more projects to our list.

Hopefully we will meet in person soon...but she is alot younger and has a young the odds of us ever meeting in any other circle are rare. Just thought I should share this "small world" moment.

On the TO DO list for this week....

1. Get my passport picture and get in the long line at the post office to apply for my passport.

2. Paint my bedroom. (hate the process...will love the end product)

3. Get back on the diet. The wedding weekend side-tracked that thing and I certainly haven't been in a hurry to get back on. But I must.

4.'s been waiting patiently for me. Thank goodness Chuck's clothes get dry-cleaned or he would be going to work nekkid. (I am spelling this like we say it.)


  1. Happy 4th weekend...I found her blog about a week ago and also read her history. Can't remember who lead me her way but LOVE her entry. She is really good and now I want to change me railings! So bad! Checked out also that she is a local girl.
    Can't you do your passport online? We did. Pics at Walgreens. The passport line was totally empty when I did my car's reg renewal last week. Assessor/Collector in Montgomery Co. Are you in Harris?? I think I am rambling.

  2. Make that MY railings....again, had dinner out and wine....

  3. First time visitor here... your family is lovely! I think it's funny that we can find a neighbor through blogging! My, how our world has changed!

  4. I didn't see the link to "her blog"....guess I need to go back and look. I might find some help for my house!

  5. agree with LInda...would like to have "her link" house can use all the help it can get as well!!

  6. Wow! can i just say i'd like to thank the academy....LOL! you are just too sweet! thanks for the "shout out". it's amazing how blogging can bring people together. there are so many fun, talented, and just wonderful people out there! i loved looking thru YOUR blog btw. seeing when it rained really hard back in may and the ike stuff. i was able to got a taste of the "smaller world" syndrome you spoke of. We MUST get together soon! i'll email you for next week maybe? oh and thanks Debe!