Friday, July 3, 2009

Rat Sitter

Will has gone to Colorado for the next 10 days....with his best friend and family. Thank goodness for families that take your kid on vacation. Amen? I think a little home sickness is healthy. For the kid and the mama. I'm not saying Will will get homesick for me, but I will miss him for sure.

And it will be good for Will to see the daylight. My kids have always gotten their days and nights mixed up during the summer. The only time I see Will before 2 or 3 in the afternoon, is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when he is scheduled to work at A&F. Which by the way has turned into drudgery for him (folding clothes)....but it's only 8 hours a week so he drags himself there.

Anyway.....the rat has to be sat.

So his cage has been moved down to my utility room where I won't forget about him.

Can you see it?

It's white with a purple bottom sitting on the first shelf of the red cart.

The last time he was down here,

he chewed on this little bouillon tassel for a little midnight snack....

so now I have to make sure the cage isn't too close to the window.

He loves tassels like I do.

This morning, he got fresh bedding....

and fresh water....

and fresh food....

and something to look at.

And now he's asking, "Are you my mommy?"

And why do I care about this ding-dang rodent?


  1. awwww, this makes me miss my pet rats! i will get another one when ocean is old enough to NOT kill it (accidentally of course). i love your blog, it's very inspiring and funny, makes me want to start my own, although i suspect i am too lazy. and your house looks so cool and artsy!

  2. YOU are the good mommy! One bullion and it would be a nickel plug for him. Then here comes the close-up, okay, he gets to stay...

  3. Ok you are starting to freak me out! We have had a total of 4 rats at different times. When the
    1st one was dieing I took it to bed with me so I could feel it's heart beat in my hand so I would know when she was gone but she didn't die! by 4 am I had to put her in her cage and when we got up she had died :( I think she held on while I held her. I miss those babies but they are to much work for little return. We just have to much incommon!

  4. sorry it is so hot there in Texas. I am curled up in my big comfy chair with a quilt! It's 64 and drizzling here. No (official)fireworks tonight but the neighbors are giving us quite a lot of noise! Ok, here is one for you to match. Do you have bats living in your roof or at least an outbuilding? We were watching 2 try to get into our roof area tonight. Obviously they live there. We also have 2 garder snakes in the back flower garden too. we have 2 cats and do you think they could kill the little mouse that was in our house 2 days ago? NO! They are probably the ones who brought it in. Oh yeah I have to let you know I love the photos you gave your granrat to look at :) that was so thoughtful. You are just to cool. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!