Friday, June 4, 2010

Fleeting thoughts on this Friday....

  • The last post on here was number 350. And if I posted all that I really want to say, it would be more like a 1,000,000. I still remain true to keeping this real...but nice. Or at least I refuse to drag all my junk out on here. That makes you curious, doesn't it? All that is to say, that I, just like you, have dysfunction in my life and my full share of issues. But if I try to dwell on the positive things going on in my life and sometimes even get on here and blog about those helps my frame of mind. If you want dysfunction and issues, look at Post Secret. You will feel more normal.....or at least know that you are not alone.

  • How long should I let my baby sleep? He has his days and nights mixed up. The baby is almost 20 and has to start a job on Monday....a DAY JOB.

  • My dog is so smart, that when I got the vacuum cleaner out awhile ago (but before I even plugged it in or turned it on), she immediately ran to the big, red chair that has a skirt on it. The chair that she kicks all of her tennis balls under....but can't retrieve....because she can't crawl under it. The chair that I run the vacuum under.......and out comes a stash of tennis balls.

  • How dumb do I have to be to get those balls out for that sweet, smart dog.....only to watch her kick them back under there again? This homey don't play that game. I only vacuum once a week. Game over 'til then.

  • Chuck is working hard on his part of the project. The engineer in him has come out big time. Think The Hulk......when he goes from man to Hulk......morphing into that huge, green monster. Chuck morphs into a super nerd engineer brain when he has a project that requires .........well, I don't know what it requires......because I would just have moved forward without any forethought. He, however, told me he had to think about this project and plan it in his head. Plan? What the heck does that mean? I know it involves T-squares and measuring tapes and nail guns and a pocket protector.....and a really intense look on his face.

  • First day of summer vacation and some stupid tennis match is preempting The Ellen Show. Sorry tennis fanatics......I'm sure this is what you live for...and yes, I know about DVR.....but there is just something about watching daytime t.v. when you haven't been able to all school year. Oh, that's what a DVR is for?

  • The kindergarten teachers gave me a very generous VISA gift card for an End of the Year Appreciation gift. Very generous. This is what I call mad money. It is mine. All mine. And it drives me mad thinking about all the ways I could spend it. I have been looking online this morning and have spent it a thousand ways already. In my head only. Still have the card almost 48 hours later. That may be a record for me.

  • What I need to buy is a swimsuit. Because? Because our team meets up now and then during the summer, at the two homes that have pools, for a day of fellowship and beverages. Beverages that may or may not contain tequila. And Chuck and I are going to visit our best friends in Destin this year (oil spill or not, the tickets are already purchased). So I need a new bathing suit. One that can do magic. And the only way to really buy a swimsuit is to try it on. Perhaps, I need to borrow some Xanax from someone. Anyone?

  • I am so tired by the end of the school year that all I can think about is sleeping in for the first few days of the summer break. When I first woke up this morning, it was 6:50 and it was the most delicious feeling knowing that I could roll over and go back to sleep. Until the dog started whining at the bedroom door to be let 7:30. Grrrrr. So much for sleeping in.

  • Dixie would like to do another give-away. I have a photo block waiting for you. Leave a comment by June 11.......and Dixie may just grab your name!


  1. I plan to never buy another swimsuit in my life!

  2. You crack me up! The Post Secret with the thumb sucker reminds me of someone! Guess who?

  3. Linda....I may just be buying a really cute cover-up.

    Carol...I do know who it reminds you of. Bless her heart. She'll be walking down the aisle with that thing in her mouth.

  4. Great post!!! You know Doojie's always got Xanax on hand but I recommend what I've gone to-board shorts. Double duty...very cool post-menopausal sufer girl and covers a lot. Becky said that the Spanks ones are good but they are REALLY expensive. The cover up thing is a good idea, I've used that but the cover up never came off. Since we have to go to a beach every summer I've done a lot of research. How did I miss the giveaway; I'm on here all the time. You have been really busy writing since school let out. Watching on DVR is not the same as sitting down with an iced tea mid-afternoon to watch Ellen. I can relate to Chuck. Paul has to schedule when he'll mow the, I see a free 25 minutes and go at it. Spontaneous is not in his vocabulary. Enjoy your break-you earn it!!!!