Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The ball, the water, the dog with OCD

On these pleasant evenings, we spend a lot of time outside on the back porch. This is what we watch over and over and over and over. Dixie's the dog with skin allergies, OCD, a love of water and tennis balls....and especially those 2 things at the same time....and a brain. This dog figured out a game to play by herself. We do not get involved other than to throw the ball in the first time and then to watch.
And did I mention the over and over part?
The game begins by one of us throwing the ball in the water.

Dixie stares at it. For as long as it takes. Until...

...the ball begins to float close to the edge.

She leans over very carefully, and grabs the ball by the fuzz.

She brings it up and bites at it....over and over....with a frenzy.
I cannot emphasize enough the FRENZY with which she does all of this.

And the ball gets dangerously close to the edge....

So she pulls it back....
And Maggie watches all of this with all the attention of a flea.

Suddenly! The ball has rolled into the water again!

Oh, no. It's way in the middle....

Dixie dives in for it.

She grabs it once again.

With ball in mouth, she swims towards the goal....

With both front paws, it's in!

One more push for good measure.

Now, she heads to retrieve the ball.

She works at the lid until it tips just enough so she can see the ball.
But she can't see it yet.
She better check on it.
She heads back over to the goal and looks one more time....yep, it's in there....
Back to the lid....work it, work it.
Finally, her head is in.
Reaching, reaching.

Knocked the lid off and going for it.

Stretch a little more.

Got it!

Uh, oh.....wait....it's heading for the edge again.
And here comes the "over and over and over" part.
Good times in the empty nest.


  1. Hahaha...I'm so used to watching her "game" that I didn't ever realize it took that long to play one round..but it's true, every one of those steps is crucial to the game, and she repeats every single one over and over frantically/spastically..good times..

  2. OMG! You need to submit this to Funniest Home Videos!

  3. What a riot!!! Thank you for sharing this, and making me smile! What precious dogs.

    Linda ccccccccccccc

  4. OMG How does she know the ball ends up in the hole? Does this work out get you out of walking her? I might invest in a small pool! LOL

  5. Tooooooo funny! If only I could amuse myself that easily. I guess I could if I...oh well...don't want to go there. Great photography. Empty nest? It looks to me like it's still like getting your kicks watching the babies girgle.