Friday, June 4, 2010

18 Wheeler

Dear Mr. Advertising Man,
Do you really think that the average buyer is so stupid that they will fall for this ad? In particular, I am talking about the model on the far right in the 2 piece brown bottoms and multi-colored patterned top. She happens to be the same model in the 2 piece bikini at the top left hand side of the ad.

First, if I was as thin as the know so thin that an 18 wheeler could drive between my thighs....I wouldn't even look at this swimsuit, much less try it on or buy it.
And secondly, the suit probably comes in Big Mama sizes and probably only purchased by full-sized figures so why not just show it on one of those pretty mamas?

Get real.
Yours truly,
No 18 wheeler Zone


  1. There will be plenty to enjoy in Destin - outlet malls and outdoor malls. oh la la. I just got back from there. We enjoy eating at Bonefish Grill - outside. Oh, and pick me!

  2. Shopping for a new swimsuit is like shopping for a new bra. NOT fun! Always requires a treat afterwards. Do you think the two are connected is some way? :) KT