Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scrappin' Saturday

First of all, I want to start this post with a fact.  The fact is this big world is really small.  Six degrees of separation and all that. 

Through a childhood friend, I was inspired to start a blog.  Thousands of hours later, I was encouraged to attend Silver Bella in November of 08....all because of blogland.  While at SB 08, I met several others that were from Houston.  We exchanged names and blog addresses and have made a poor but true attempt at keeping in touch.  We read each other's blogs and sometimes even comment.  

A few weeks ago, one of my Houston SB/blog friends sent me an email inviting me to a Scrapping Saturday at her house.  I almost declined.  Why? Because it was sent to several people...and I only recognized one other name....but mostly because it was a SCRAPPING Saturday.  It's not that I'm afraid to attend something where I only know one other name......but it was the SCRAPPING part. 

Oh, I have scrapbook paper.  I even have glue and scissors.  I have even done a scrapbook.  A.  Scrapbook.  Meaning ONE.  And if I learned anything from Silver Bella (a 2 day retreat full of one workshop after another....all things artsy and crafty....glitter floating through the air the entire 48 hours), it's that I can NOT create with others. 

I can create.  But when I am sitting at a table full of other artists creating, I am mesmerized.  Watching them create.......and talking to them is way more fun for me.  And that little ADD thing I leave untreated is at an all time high during these situations.  I spend more than 30 minutes digging through my bag looking for .........uh, what was I looking for?  (I took a tote bag with me yesterday, but I must admit these women put my little packed bag to shame.)

Okay. I went.  I had a blast. I felt like these strangers were friends.  As the day wore on, more and more random connections were made.   I created for 3 minutes and spent the next 6 hours walking around Peggy's house.....looking at eye candy, talking and listening to the others, petting on dogs, eating delicious appetizers followed by a wonderful meal and dessert, and even hanging some pictures.  But mostly I just sat in awe of women who really scrap. 

I grabbed my little camera and tried to take pictures of some eye candy for you.  Thanks to a generous host, Peggy, who allowed me to take pictures. 

All that goodness displayed on these shelves....
I did my best to take it all in.

The youngest one there. Turns out she's from Sugarland and I started throwing out names of people I know from Sugarland......and she is good friends with the son of my good friend. 
 Small world?  Small world.

A professionally packed tote bag.  This is not my tote bag.
But now that I have a picture of one, I can copy it. ha.

This most precious sweet dog is named Killer. 
 Should be named Stealer.  Stealer of hearts...this one.
Mama's favorite.

This banner captures my feelings. 
I didn't have to leave Houston to feel like I had escaped. 

A corner of Peggy's desk.  Full of goodness.
Things she loves and loves to look at.

A finished page.  So it can be done.  I sat beside this woman.  She could talk and scrap at the same time.  Very meticulous work.  The picture doesn't do the page justice.  The magnolias are 3 dimensional.  I watched her cut each petal....punch each gently together...until those scraps of paper became magnolias.

This sweet dog is Grace.  And while it looks like Grace is nursing.....she is not.  But we all got a good laugh at from a different view it did look like one of the women
was a Dry Nurse for Grace.
You had to be was funny.

One of Peggy's prized possessions. 
 Vintage handkerchiefs on each pocket. 
 Beautiful storage.
And check out that huge yellow No. 2 pencil. 
It even had Peggy's name on it. 
Needs to be hung somewhere....
next time I will do that for Peggy.
I love to put holes in other people's walls. 

Another artist.  Another page.  Almost finished.  This artist was working on this page for her son, the swimmer. 
 I love the colors and
the way she made them play together.
It ended up being titled "Calm Waters"........

In a drawer, there was a bowl.
  And in this bowl, there was a collection of religious medals/trinkets. 
 And it is this bowl that I wanted to steal.
  But stealing religious medals
 just screams bad karma.
I didn't take a thing.
But if Peggy wanted to do a give-away,
 I would certainly get involved.

More goodness.

Tiny dancer.  Tiny waist.

Wooden cherubs. 
 I could have walked out with one of these for sure.
Actually, I could have walked out with alot of things. 
 It's wrong to covet.  I know.

Meet Junior.  Junior was looking at scrapbook magazines thinking about what kind of retreat would be good for dogs who like to scrap.
Every Third Thursday looked good to him. 
Mama would be at work and the dogs could really party.

And Grace watched Junior....
wondering if she would be included in Junior's plans.

I can assure Grace and Junior and Killer, that there will be another scrappin' day ahead ...and they will be included in that one.

Thanks Peggy. 

One more thing......just recently I read a quote that sums it up for me. 

"Happiness is an inside job."

Within 5 minutes of each other, Peggy and I both said this quote.  I hadn't even been in the room when she said it....then within 5 minutes and me coming in the room, I said it.  It had to do with the conversation going on but I hadn't heard Peggy say it.  How's that for a connection?

And it's true.  Happiness is an inside job.


  1. I hate being the first to comment! Sorry I missed the day at Peggy's. DH is flying to Dubai I felt the need to hang out with him yesterday! Great pics. I have trouble creating with others, too. Maybe we could bring a group project?

  2. I'd love for you to come to VA and help put holes in my walls. For over a year I've had pictures leaning against walls - time to get them on the wall.

  3. Cute stuff :) Now you get to go make all of it.

  4. Me, me, me!!!!! It was me-I got you to blog, I made you go to Silver Bella. I love being talked about-thank you. I can't believe you almost passed this up. Wow, what fun!!! Maryland is about the size of Houston; I wonder how many Bellas are in Maryland and nearby? I definitely want someone around here to do this-ha-not me. Okay, maybe. I know there are some girls who get together but so far I've missed out; got to check it out...thank you for having a wonderful blog and being such a wonderful writer and photographer. I'd love you even without that.

  5. I love it when friends let you share!