Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How's your Tuesday going?

Tuesday.  The ugly stepchild of the Week Family.  There's Grouchy Monday, Hump Day Wednesday, Great Night TV Thursday, Happy Hour Friday, Sleep In Saturday, Sunday....too many ways to name that one ....I could go with Worship, Grilling, Napping, Shopping.....and then Tuesday. Uh, I got nothing. 

My Nothing Tuesday so far.....

I intended to go get my annual blood work this morning but it didn't happen.  Let's just say I take a couple of middle age meds and it's required by my doctor to check my blood once a year to see how those meds are working.  No problem except you have to fast after midnight....or 8 - 10 hours. That should be no problem because I am asleep way before midnight. 

Except, there was a freight train going through the bedroom last night.  I kicked him and he just got louder.  So after a couple of more kicks, I got up.  This was about 2:00 am.  I got on this time wasting machine for awhile then decided a bowl of cereal would make me sleepy.  Works for babies...maybe it would work.

Oh, it worked.  I got sleepy. I fell asleep on the sofa until around 5:30 am when I woke up feeling like a ton of bricks was on top of me.  Just a cat and two dogs.  Whew!Right before falling asleep, I realized I had blown the fast.......and although I guess I could have waited another 8 hours......meaning sometime around noon........I decided I would try again for tomorrow.  Because if there's anything I know for sure, I know I can't get up and hang around until noon without at least my morning coffee.

So I decided to check my calendar to see if there was anything pending for the day or tomorrow. But there was a slight problem.

Do you see the problem? 

This problem is thinking I'm the one that should go away. 
Cameron had brought over this pair of pants to be mended and if there's one thing this cat can do....it's find a piece of clothing to lie down on. 

So I decided to save Chuck some money and groom Maggie. 

I am not a groomer in real life...but I've watched a lot of hairdressers cut hair in my lifetime.
The only difference?  Well, the client is a dog. 
 Add scared into the mix and it's like trying to groom a flying monkey on crack.

The grooming part is free.  The cleanup?  I'm charging Chuck a $1000.00 for this job.

I can't help but think how this picture would freak my mother-in-law out.  She would die if she knew I groomed a dog on the same counter that we eat and cook on. 
Please....if you know her.....dont' tell her.  It would send her over the edge.

I finally got sick of grooming Maggie and just threw her in the trash! 

Not really...I could NEVER get sick of Maggie.  That in the trash is the excess hair. 
But it does kind of look like a full dog, doesn't it? 
Kind of creepy.

There's Wet Dog. 
  And yes, I know this is one ugly picture and out of focus....
 but I wanted you to see the tongue action. 
 Can yours do that? 

I put Maggie out to dry for a little while. 
 At 100', she dried quick!

After I cleaned up the aftermath of Hurricane Maggie, I decided
it would be a good time to try to get a picture of all 3 dogs. 
Why?  I really don't know. Other than it's Nothing Tuesday.
 We must have 839,345 pictures of the dogs
but not one of all 3 of them together. 
I remember why now.

Hello?  I'm over here!

Dixie knows how to pose.  The other two.....Ding and Dong.

No 2 heads looking the same direction. 

What the heck is Maggie looking at?
And Sadie?  You can put the leg down.

Dang it!  This one could have been the one but Dixie yawned. 
That's what she does when she gets nervous. hahaha.
Thank you Sadie for putting your leg down.

Okay....this is as good as it gets.  I'm tired of playing Pet Photographer. 

I squealed, squawked, screached in my highest babytalk voice, "Wanta treat?" over a hundred times.  Finally, all 3 of them looked at me.  Too bad the camera wasn't quick enough or in focus.
  Surely it wasn't the photographer.

I have a million settings on my camera and the one I was using just couldn't handle the speed of my dogs.  The automatic focus has a flash and poor little Dixie's cataracts show up as lime green so I was trying to use other settings.  I'm thinking now would be a good time to get the camera manual out and read up on this 1 1/2 year old camera.

Two more random thoughts before I head out....

I love a skirted round table (told you it was random). I was telling Miss P. the other day that she needed to get one because she has all this fabulous fabric....and hates pillows....which is of course, my first suggestion for pops of color and pattern in a room.  If you need pattern and color and hate pillows...get a round table.  Make a tablecloth in a neutral color and fabric and then switch out table squares now and then.  I know that design trick is older than castles but I can't say it enough.  It works.  And if you have glass cut for the top, it makes a wonderful place to put old photographs without the clutter of frames.
  Not that I mind the clutter of frames....until dusting time.

This table was my sister's inlaws' old kitchen table....nice size at 36".....and I love it.  Round tables go perfectly in corners and the bigger, the better. 

Do it.


I waited all morning and well into the afternoon for the Dirty Dish Fairy to arrive.
  But like the Dirty Laundry Fairy, she's a slacker.
I'm off to do 'em myself.

Nothing Tuesdays aren't so bad.


  1. Who would have thought you'd see the day that Georgia would be back in the house making herself comfortable? She told YOU.

    When I look at Sadie I get a panicked feeling. She just isn't a very calm dog and her neurosis spreads.

  2. Jordan...I agree with you about Sadie...but your brother and sister are madly in love with her. Creepy? Somewhat.

    And Georgia? grrrrr

  3. OMgosh, you are a hoot... loved the 'ding and dong' comment...adorable!! laughed outloud. Yes, I can see you have a new career in the making - Pet Groomer & Photographer. Keep your day job! (seriously just kidding). Thanks for the laugh. LindaSonia

  4. Well you sure as heck made my Tuesday anything but boring! I always love reading your blog. THREE DOGS, are you kidding me? I thought you did great-I liked the yawn one the best. The hair cut...ummm...oh, I guess I can't talk can I? Your new format is freaking me out but I'll get it.

  5. Paul has to have a cat so we have one. Our dog, Chloe is now 16 and uses our house as...ummm...we don't need to open the door anymore. Dog diapers are expensive but not quite as much as new wood floors, great investment-the diapers. I now truly believe that animals are made to be outside preferably on a farm with other animals. I'm not saying there should be a law, it's just that I don't want to have animals in my house anymore. Tick tock, tick tock. And the cat...young...but what am I going to do when the new couch comes next month? Forgot to mention that Paul does not allow the cat outside. Please don't be surprised if there is a large animal crate delivered to your front door any day now...

  6. How long did it take you to shave all of Maggie's hair off? She looks a bit put out ...

    And, who taught Georgia to use the dog door? Or did Will help her find her way inside?

  7. You not only entertain me with your blog...you have the best commenters around! Love the dog pics. Maybe Will should try? Oh ...wait he doesn't have a camera... (it pays to read a day late)

  8. OMG you DID leave the dog in the trash can. What is that thing licking it's nose, poor baby. As a fur stays put on the dog owner I can't believe this is a good thing <:O ? Now as far as the pet photography, Bahahahahaha welcome to my world. You actualy did well with 3 dogs actually staying on the bench. Learn photoshop and pick the best ones and merge them into 1 photo. Pretend you got it the 1st time! Just a tip LOL. Great post again.