Saturday, June 19, 2010

Take this idea and run with it....

I spent hours and hours (and hours and hours) looking through wedding blogs the months before Jordan's wedding. Because we were having the wedding in Phoenix at a beautiful resort....and she is an event planner......I didn't have a whole lot to do. But I was given the job of decorating the center table in the reception area and the mantel......and coming up with an idea for displaying the seating chart/table numbers for the guests. (Well, I don't know if I was officially given that job, but I was getting a PhD. in all things wedding, so I was throwing lots of ideas at the bride daily.)

I found several really cute ideas, but had to keep in mind that if I made these in Houston...I would have to get them to Phoenix. One of my favorite ideas was putting rows of wire on an old frame and clipping the table cards on the wires. I even purchased an old frame....but the logistics of getting it there in a suitcase or shipping just kept nagging at me. Twelve tables/cards with a font large enough for guests to read.....meant 3 rows of wires....which ended up being a rather large frame....etc., etc. And we were already taking 2 large shipping boxes full of votives, etc. And way more suitcases than the law allows. I kept looking. (Although I still love this would certainly be a cute way to display photographs somewhere in your home.)

Then one day, while perusing some of my non-wedding blogs, I stopped by Be Different Act Normal. And there it was! The perfect way to display our table cards. I took this idea and ran with it. The idea is credited to How Does She?

It was small enough to pack in a suitcase....and ended up being very, very inexpensive. A huge plus since everything else about a wedding is cha ching.

The center table was 15 feet long so we placed the table card bars at one end and on the other end was a place for guests to sign cards for the bride and groom.

With all the hundreds of photos, we didn't have one of the two bars of table cards...but you get the idea. We ended up having only 11 tables so we put one card that says Find Your Table...making 2 bars with 6 cards each. (That sounds like a math sentence.)

Jordan and I collected several scrapbook papers that were in her colors of teal, aquas and greens. I painted and then sanded the bars. Chuck drilled the holes and curled the wires. Cost? Not much. Cute? Cute enough for the bride.

But for you young mamas out really need to make a Birthday one. Or a through the years one.....putting their school picture from each year along the row....

Endless possibilities.


  1. I LOVE this!!!! My DD doesn't want to do table assignments!!!! I want to do table assignments. But I'm not arguing, because I am not arguing about anything. Anyway...I would do this if I could!

  2. I also meant to tell you that I LOVE the cd you sent!!! My daughter took that home with her today for awhile, too....

  3. I am going to pass this idea onto my daughters for birthday parties. I love it!

  4. Only you could take the kids one and turn it into a very tasteful, beautiful solution. You are so talented and creative.