Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer '10 Project

Happy Memorial Day.

Thank you soldiers.

While sitting on the back porch, I told Chuck I needed to come up with a summer project. He took it and ran with it. Well, after I mentioned it several weeks in a row...then finally called it a summer project. You see, Chuck likes the word project. Say chore and he leaves the room. Say project and he gets all pensive and excited. And it will be my project when he gets it to a certain point. But I'm not going to tell you yet what it is. I'll give a few hints......then I hope you come back to see the finished project.

Definition of Summer Project: a certain job/repair/replacement that needs to be done around the house, but must be done in the one will not be taking many showers or getting dressed up for days in a row. Summer Projects also prevent meals from being cooked or laundry from being done. However, naps are not interfered these are necessary for the project to be done right. Summer projects should not cost much money, but if you are a Hackney they will always run over the original estimate because of the 20 trips to Home Depot....and the price of gas.


This project is necessary to repair a place where

one of our sweet dogs tore up something.

So it is a repair that is turning into something new and improved.

This project involves something very, very to us, but old.

This project takes place in our kitchen........therefore

Sonic and Wendy's will be involved.

This project should be finished in about 10 days.

Not that it will take 10 days, but I can't do my part

until school's out on June 3. (Let me here a shout out for June 3!)

And this is way more than a hint....but I am going to take you through an antique store to show you what was purchased for this project.

When it's all said and done, I'll show you the before and after.

And you will wonder why we didn't just get rid of the sweet dog.

Enjoy perusing the store......think in degrees and percentage of humidity and the smell of mildew. Ready?

For those of you in the Houston area....

this place is in the Heights....

if you're in the market for a carriage.

And that's not Chuck...just a random shopper.

I took this for Jordan....because she had an Alf doll....
and would have been 2 when this
Mad magazine was published.

Anyone in the market for one of these?
Will took this. It makes me laugh.

You do know this is a fountain?

I hear him saying, "I being good Mama."

while he is secretly peeing.

Yes, I hear voices. sit on

but would make a great planter.

I'm a little too superstitious to joke about J....

but I do think he's asking if he's in your heart.

The month before I was born....

I guess this makes me an antique.

Love...but didn't dare even look at the price.

Bless her heart. You know she stayed in a loveless marriage
because she had all those kids.




And horses.

I love how that one sprig of fern

is growing out of one of the pots in this box of old pots.

Nature at its best.


I love the sign that looks
like the mother is pulling the kid to school.

Like, "Hurry....I've only got 2 more days of freedom.
Get your a** to school."


More J.

Why didn't I save all my baby doll body parts?

Cause you know they all came off eventually.

My, what big eyes you have!

There it is......door frame and all.

One side.

And the other.

Door from 1920.

Can you just imagine the people

who have turned that knob?

Check back ....for the reveal.


  1. I LURVE August Antiques... its my Sunday haunt and I love the religious room in the back. I missed alot of stuff though - looking at your photos... Way cool.

  2. Guess I need to get myself to August Antiques to get those doll heads! So we are getting a new old door!??? That'll be fun. You realized those are all British soldiers standing in the Memorial Day tribute, right? Great memory....

  3. Well, it wouldn't be summer without a project. Since "we sew now" is a thing of the past, I think you are going to make a kitchen table out of that door....
    Remember someone in Cali loves you!

  4. Well, it's not summer without a project! Since "we sew now" you must be making a kitchen table out of that door.... Someone in Cali loves you!

  5. I CAN'T wait to see the reveal! I'm all atwitter. Did that dog tear up that great chalkboard door in the kitchen? Grrrrr. Linda, I'll race you to those doll heads. I know they creep a lot of people but I love them.