Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dixie Has Done It Again....

If you come by here often, you might remember that Dixie has been wanting to pick a I posted about here. She doesn't care what they win....she just loves picking a winner. I made a few photo blocks and rather than have them sit around, I told Dixie she could pick a name from the commenters who wanted one. My assistant, Chuck, decided how Dixie would pick this if you have any complaints (Carol), please talk to my assistant. He handles all complaints.

So without further adieu.... a dew.....a doo...a do?

Here's how it all went down.

So you know the drill....Peggy and Linda need to send me their mailing address. Carol...I got you covered, too. My assistant wants it taken care of. Now for the rest of you.......I would love to see a comment now and then. I know you stop by....and I am just as guilty about not commenting on all the blogs I read daily. But a little shout out now and then would make my day....and Dixie's.

Dieux it for Dixie. Dew it for Dixie.

Doo it for Dixie. Do it for Dixie.


  1. Yaaaahhhoooooeeeeeyyyyy - winner winner chicken dinner! I am so excited. Plus I have a secret to tell you... I'll do it via email! Thanks, Dixie, you're a doll, or a dog or well, just thanks.

  2. Dagnabit,(like that?) I meant to comment on that last one! I know that Dixie was really looking for my name, not the other Linda. I guess I will just go to Germany instead! :)


  3. Very cleaver picking system and adorable to boot!

  4. Those were cute :) Good job, Mama (and Dixie)

  5. Did I never leave a comment on here? Or did you not publish it because I was inappropriate with my excitement? Well, I just wanna say that I have said photo block and it is soooooooo fine!

  6. Yea, for me!!!!!!! (Even though I was last place. ) Did I ever tell Dixie she is my favorite Hackney pet?