Friday, July 2, 2010

It's all Peggy's Fault

While at Peggy's house last week....when others were scrapbooking....Peggy was giving me a tour of her house.  She was asking for my decorating opinions here and there.  At one point, she pointed to some really cute art and said she really wanted to move the pieces to her kitchen eating area. 
To which I responded, "Let's do it." 

So Peggy grabbed the canvases off the wall, pulled the nails out, grabbed the hammer and we moved those babies to the kitchen. That's how it's done.  The art really caught my eye and I think I may have fallen in love first sight, but certainly after I touched it and held it. 

After Peggy sent me the name of the artist........I looked her up on  I'm not sure if it would have caught my eye on it is absolutely so much prettier in person.  So I am doing all of you a favor here and telling's way more beautiful than it looks on the computer screen.  Trust me.

We are heading to Destin to see our good friends and I just might be bringing her a piece of this great art.  And that's just how much I love this good friend.  She might be getting a piece of this before I even get myself some. And if she reads this and knows she might be getting one, she will not know which one until I give it to her. 

I am definitely putting this art on my Birthday and Christmas wish list.

The artist is L. Young....a southern girl who got her degree in Fine Art from The University of Texas...and lives right next door in Monroe, Louisiana.  Her website is  She's been featured in Southern Living, Romantic Homes and Southern Lady.  The uniqueness of her art is that is has that classic botanical look but it's on canvas......with a high gloss resin look.  No need for a frame....and can be hung as one or as a collection.   

The hardest part is going to be picking which one I want first. 

Like I needed another want for my list.

And while I don't know this artist, I know she is nice and certainly knows how to treat her customers right.  I ordered something late Tuesday of this week and asked if she could be sure it was here....delivered to my Friday.  It's here.  It's Friday. 
Go look at her websight or on for a much better view of her work.  She also sells in some retail locations in the Houston area as well as other cities and states. 


  1. Now do you see why I have 4 and sent several as gifts. You should see the LSU one... amazing. But here is my challenge to you... we can make one of these... Lets do it. When you get back - I'm going to work on my design this weekend. I challenge you. And you too, Linda and Debe! and anyone else. We can design and make one of these, I promise!

  2. Oh dear! A challenge. Can I just BUY one!? rofl

  3. I wish I lived closer..ya'll sound like my kind of friends..creativity, food & laugher...what can be better.
    I hope to see your creations! That would be fabulous...L.

  4. These are really cute..did she paint them by hand or are they stamps/cutouts?

  5. Okay, now it's YOUR fault. I ordered three! I believe in helping to support other artists. Thanks.