Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Crazy...Good Old Days

This is circa 1992.  The two girls are mine and the two boys are my friend's. (Baby Will is not in this picture...but keep in mind there was one more critter.) This takes me back to this time in my life.....when I thought my life was crazy, my friend thought her life was crazy and we both lived for Friday nights.......when the husbands got home and we headed out for Mexican food but more importantly the margarita.  That was our paycheck back then. 

The mama of these boys is the best friend I have ever had.  In the "You Make Me Laugh So Hard"  category.  And other categories as well.  Too many to mention.  I say that because while I have lots of other very, very good friends and lots of them are best at something....this one I had in my life for 3 years down the street...when I was somewhat tied down with 3 small children and no money to burn shopping....and that made her just the best. She was right there. And perhaps it was the adult connection at a time in my life where everything was very YOUNG CHILDREN oriented.  I was starved for adult conversation.....and she fed me.  And usually it was funny.  I would start a sentence and she would finish it....with the punch line. 

The other thing that made her the best.......her husband and my husband really liked each other.  Like brothers.  And the kids?  Well, I think you can tell they got along like siblings.  It amazed me how well our families blended. 

When I hear the term "the good ol' days".........I think 1992 -1995.  Yep.  That was definitely the good old days.

Chuck and I are going to see this friend and her sweet husband for a few days soon.  They bought a beach house in Destin and after a few summers of talking about it ....we are finally going.  And now there's the oil spill and the weatherman is predicting rain, rain, rain. 

But guess what?  I do not care.  I will be within 5 feet of this funny friend and we could be in the middle of the ghetto for all I care. 

Okay....well ghetto might be a little creepy.  But I am not going because it's the beach.  I'm going because it's them.

And I should mention they are several years younger than us and weigh alot less.
But I am willing to overlook that.


  1. Julia, you are too sweet. This makes me tear up. I know that you guys will have a great time at the beach. Please make sure to sign the guest book as I know your entry will have me in stitches.

  2. I'm so happy for all of y'all. You are truly blessed to have friends like that and I'm sure they feel the same about y'all.