Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Small World....Sea World

I received this comment on one of my beach vacation posts......and once again, I'm reminded how small this world really is.......even though it's bigger than we can wrap our brains around. 

Hey Julia,

I just thought I would stop by and say hi. I've been reading your blog since before the wedding. I think you have great style:) I'm a Mother of 3 as well, 2 in college,one 13YO helping me stay young! I love the beach pictures. We live in Pensacola, but love the Destin area as well:) I think I know one of the guys in the kitchen picture! Is it really that small of a world? He is the one in the blue shirt facing the camera. Is he an OB from Anniston? If so, they are friends of ours:) Anyway, love your blog. Thanks for entertaining me:)


Synchronized Laughing....Ready on 3....1, 2, 3 GO! Angie...Thanks for leaving a comment.  Thanks for reading my blog.  And YES.  That was Jeff...from OBGYN.  He and his wife are friends with Scott and Jodie who are friends of Chip and Debbie who are friends of ours. 
 And they are friends of yours?
 Yes, this really is small world. 

Chuck didn't get the "blue shirt" email.

Angie didn't have an email linked to her comment...but I really wanted to answer her ....and now it makes me want to post a few more of the beach pictures. The ones that didn't make the first posts. I took about 500......of which maybe 100 are in focus......of which I get pretty selective before putting on here.

Let me just say right now.... Thank goodness for digital photography. Are any of you old enough to remember buying film, taking a roll of pictures, getting them developed...oh, and go ahead and make double prints....and then paying for a bunch of bad, bad pictures? Yeah, I remember. I think that may be where all our money went.

Do any of you know how hard it is to sit in a room with an OBGYN.....when the room is not at a doctor's office?  I still felt like I had on a paper gown....exposing my back side.  And I still felt like there should be stirrups at the end of my chair covered in footies that had seen a better day. 

I wanted to go up to him, sitting on that bench and ask him to scoot down.....scoot down a little more....and just a little more....there, stop.
 (motioning with my hands)

(You girls know what I'm talkin' about.)
I spent the better part of the day, trying to forget he was an OBGYN.  So I could relax around him and know that he wasn't going to ask me if I had any questions.  Is it me, or do any of you have a hard time thinking of a question when you're sitting in a paper gown?  Seriously? 
And have you ever stared so hard at a ceiling?  Word up to all you OBGYN's.......put some thought into decorating your ceilings.  Your patients would appreciate it. 
OBGYN's turns out...are people, too.  And this one was a really great guy.  We enjoyed their company and it was good to meet them.  His wife was adorable and their 7th grade son was very patient to spend his evening hanging around a bunch of adults. 
Beautiful Jodie hogging Pauly.  My turn, my turn.

Surf tennis?

Debbie is serious about this...she was willing to hurt herself.  Thank goodness she didn't.

Just does Chuck's body turn his head hair gray but not his eyebrow hair?
Chuck...I love you.

I took this for the kindergarten team.  Veteran's Day flags? 

I took this for no other reason except...if I was rich and I had a granddaughter...
she would be getting this mermaid skirt.
I feel sure it was priced proud.

Warning:  the next 3 pictures are of my feet.

  I want to show you want happened
 to my 1 day old pedicure down by the sea.

One day old pedicure. 

I sat and rubbed my feet back and forth and back and forth in that white, soft sand.
  And back and forth. 
Push and pull.  Push and pull.

And then walking back to the golf cart, I thought my toe felt bruised. 

Half the polish was off most of the toes and my big toe...nail had torn about a third of the way down.  Ouch.

Why couldn't that OBGYN have been a Podiatrist?

So the next morning, I asked Debbie if she had any nail polish.  And of course, she did. 
 Dark Berry Brown.
Which on my pale white feet looked Gothic Black. 
But I had no choice. 
My toenail doesn't look torn off? 
Ha.  I painted the skin to make it look whole.
Hey, I was going to Seaside....where everyone is beautiful
 and the children are way above average.

Debbie being Martha.

And I know I look extremely stupid here....but it's a knee jerk reaction to cover a few of my chins, whenever I'm having my picture taken. 

 However,  now I look like I have a hand growing out of my original chin.
I'm going to work on that knee-jerk reaction...or better yet...
try to get rid of a chin or two.

Small world.
Sea world.


  1. hahaha! I am dying laughing! I'm not so savvy on this blog thing, hence the no email link. I will try to change that! I am going to shoot you an email. I LOVE how you answered me with a blog post! Yep Mitzi and Jeff are friends of ours from waaay back in the early 1990's. It's a small world after all:)

  2. You make me laugh... scoot down, more more more... I always say, when you're in your 20s, he opens those clamp things lightening fast. And tells you, this won't hurt. 40s... he sits back and puffs a smoke while he gets around to swabbing. Yeah, I couldn't hang with an ob gyn...

  3. My ob gyn goes to my church. He and his wife attended my son's wedding..cause his daughter was the MOH. My life is so complicated! But I've vowed to never go on a mission trip with him... I'm too old to change doctors now. We don't hang out together. He goes to SS with two of my best friends and they've been on mission trips with him. They got new doctors.