Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Topper

top·per   /ˈtɒpər/ Show Spelled[top-er]


1. a person or thing that tops.

2. a woman's loose, usually lightweight topcoat, esp. one that is knee-length or shorter.

3. Informal . top hat.

4  capper ( def. 2 ) .

5. British Slang . an excellent or well-liked person or thing.

Use topper in a Sentence

First meaning: "Oh, my gosh....she's such a topper.  If I say my kid made an A on his report...she chimes in with ...mine made an A+" 

And this is usually what the word topper means to me.  A bad connotation.  You know toppers.  We all know toppers.  I'm sure I've been guilty a time or two...but I try hard not to be.

But my friend, Debbie, was a topper to me yesterday.  And I'm going with the 5th definition up excellent or well-liked person or thing.  In my British accent.

I gave Debbie a piece of art from L. Young  as a hostess gift when we stayed at their beach house and look what  was delivered to my front porch yesterday afternoon.

My very own piece of L. Young art


a Queen Bee apron from L. Young.

A match point and then a topper.
The best kind of topper.

If you don't think that's cute....there is nothing the doctor can do to fix your brain.

Use topper in a sentence........

My friend, Debbie, is not only a topper but she is the best kind of topper.  She topped my gift and I am beaming from ear to ear right now.  She knows me well.  And she can top me anytime.

oh....and Chip?  He's a topper, too.  They sent Chuck a set of Tervis Tumblers with the Mississippi State
emblem on them. And a super large tumbler with a lid...for his very large coffee to go. I would have taken a picture but the cups are already in the dishwasher getting ready to be used.  Check out their site....if you need a perfect gift for someone.

I need a new word for "thanks."  That word just doesn't cut it for these two.

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