Saturday, July 24, 2010


Life is maintenance.  And around this house, Saturday's Maintenance Day.  Chuck is busy fixing our money  And I've been hanging shutters.  The dogs are chasing cats in their dreams. 

I feel like I should explain to any cat-loving readers out there that while I say I hate cats....I would never ever hurt any breathing animal....ever.  Cockroaches and fire ants aren't animals. I take care of our cats....and even occasionally pet on them.  But just in general, they are like small children.  Thankless. The only time they look at me in the eye is when the cat bowl is empty.  You know, like when you walk in the door after being gone for hours....and all children and the husband come out to greet you...only it's not really to greet you....they want to know what's for dinner.  Sort of like that.  I love our cats.  But I hate cats.

Okay...just felt like I needed to clear that up.

While in Galveston, I picked up a couple of old shutters.  Sharman took me to a great place......and all I can tell you is it was huge, un-airconditioned, and on a corner in the outskirts of The Strand area.  Rooms full of old shutters, doors, sinks, hardware......and antiques.  I'm going back there.  It was like a indoor salvage yard and the owner was so friendly and basically gives the stuff away.

Today I hung the shutters.  

There's the first shutter...years of sun and water and coats of paint....perfect.
I also want to point out the H (from Debbie) is hanging by a piece of iron on the right side of the picture.
Debbie gave me 2 pieces of this iron......years ago. 
So let's call that our Little Debbie alter.

The rectangle frame above the bunnies is total glare in this picture
but it's an antique needlepoint piece that says.......


And really, doesn't that just sum it up?  Whether you're working around the house
 or sitting in a hospital waiting room.........just pray for the strength needed for the situation.

My favorite quote is very similar...

Do not pray for an easy life. 
Pray for the strength for the life you've been given.

This quote changed my praying.  I used to do the begging prayers...the easy life.
But this turned my prayers around. 
Love that.  Which is why I bought the needlepoint when I saw it years ago.

The second shutter is in the dining room.  Which is really just an area
 This is the hardest room for me....because it's square and only has 2 walls. 
Dang open concept. 
 To center the table under the chandelier means you can't center the hutch. 
 So that leaves a huge open spot on the wall. 
 I'm loving this shutter here..........for now.   

And just as I was heading out to the garage to look for some screws, I saw Maggie sitting on top of the rocks by the spa.  Stopped to get the camera......because I'm always trying to capture this sweetness.

Lion King....or rather Lioness Queen

She was looking towards the sun and just couldn't keep her eyes open. 
Her eyelashes were fluttering. 
Yes, I'm obsessed with this dog. 
She's my favorite of all the 2 million animals running around here.

So I moved to the other that's better. 
Yes, I know she has major eye drainage
 and a dirty chin.....
but we love her.......and don't really see the flaws.

 Debbie told me to take beef out of her diet and it would go away. 
So the next bag of dog food we're going to try that. 
Of course, we had just purchased the largest feed bag they sell when she told me that. 

Sweet Potato Vine.......loves this heat and humidity.  This was hanging on in the shade but I repotted it and put it in this spot....which gets the afternoon brutal sun.  It's gone crazy.  I have it wrapped around a wire topiary frame.....but it does really great as ground cover or in hanging pots. 

 I love low maintenance....plants, houses, friends, children and husbands.
Do a maintenance check on yourself. 
Are you low maintenance?


  1. Good thing I had not read your post before I posted my update. I did a lot of whining! I agree with your way of praying though. I know that "This Too Shall Pass" LOL Thanks for your comment. My Chiropractor and massage therapist are a God send right now! Oh yeah and as to the cats, I totally agree. I am just waiting for the day my puking cat kicks the bucket. They are like greedy children aren't they.

  2. You are so great at decorating and owning a space, Julia! I wish I had your gift :)

  3. Ha! Love the small children/thankless. You have such a way of nailing things. I'd love your dog too, she's so precious. Glad to see you're not afraid of blog butt!

  4. Yes, I am. Hey - Houston Historic Salvage Warehouse is on W. Clay and has very cool windows/shutters etc. open Wed-Sat. Think I'll go this Saturday after stopping at the Guild.