Monday, July 19, 2010

Galveston, oh Galveston...

Why can't you be pretty?  I'm just kidding.  Sort of. 

I have a friend whose father grew up in Galveston and the old  homestead is still in the family. The house survived The Storm of 1900 and faced the wrath of Ike.  She and her husband are in the midst of repairing it so that family can enjoy it and use it as a place to stay when in Galveston. They have worked relentlessly taking the place down to the bare bones to remove water damaged sheetrock and years of neglect.

We were going to meet for lunch today but decided that we would drive down to Galveston for the day she needs to take some things to the house and get it somewhat "livable" for some cousins that are coming to stay there this week.  So instead of lunch in town, we are going to eat dinner at a restaurant with a view of the ocean.

I've never really desired a beach house.  I'm not a deep water kind of girl.  The closest you can get me to getting in that water is when it is somewhat Destin or Cozumel.  But Galveston?  No thank you.  I like to see where I'm putting my foot down.

And sand?  Dirt's cousin, only way more pesky.

I do see the appeal of being at the beach.  The never ending horizon.  The sunrises and sunsets.  The atmosphere.  Everyone just seems calmer and way more laid back at the beach.  Jimmy Buffett's music playing in the background.  Drink in hand. 

And I do like the idea of decorating a beach house.  Mine would have all white walls.  Painted floors.  Lots and lots of white bedding.  Open shelving in the kitchen.  There would have to be a red, white and blue room.  And stripes.  And polka dots.  There would be whimsical art. And bamboo shades.  

So after today, I will have been to a beach twice in one month.  Not bad for this pale skinned me.  

On another note about beach houses:

About a month before we went to Chip and Debbie's beach house in Sandestin, I asked them to send me a picture of their house.  Debbie was on a mission trip so Chip took one with his cell phone.  This is what he sent me...


and this is what I painted...


I know I've shown this before...but I wanted to show you the photograph I copied it from.  I took a lot of artistic license with the detailing of the house......partly because I wanted it to look "whimsical" ....but also because I couldn't make out too much of the detail from the cell phone picture. 

For instance, I couldn't see the door I very lightly hinted at painting a knob on the left.  The second we pulled up to the house for real....I saw the door knob.  Of course, it was on the right.  That will bug me 'til the end of time.  But I'm working on letting it go. 

This is an 8 x 10 canvas...that's about 1 1/2 inches I painted the edges ala "Mackenzie-Childs" because in my opinion, everybody needs black and white checks in their life. (Did you know there is already black in every one's decor? The t.v.)  I also gave the finished painting 3 coats of glossy that it would go with the art from L. Young...who finishes her canvases with high gloss resin. I wanted it to have a similar shine to it. 

I made all the colors way more vivid because that's what whimsical art is....but the funny thing is, when I got to Debbie's house, her accent colors were bright turquoise and orange.  I had no way of knowing but it was one of those moments that are almost creepy. 

Do you want one?  Of your house?  Let's discuss.  Chip is convinced I should do these....and as I told others....I outsource my dreaming to Chip.  He could sell sand to a guy in the desert.  But I don't have sales in me.  Not even a tiny bit. 

But if you want one....I'm willing to listen.

The opinions about Galveston are not meant to hurt any feelings.  And the comment about Chip's photograph is also not meant to hurt feelings.  Just pointed out to show my readers the challenge I faced. I love you Chip. Keep on dreaming...


  1. My goodness, I love that you painted this!! I think it's great!! I think Chuck is right - I might just very well want one of my own. Can you give me an idea about how much it would cost?? I've always wanted a house portrait. LindaSonia (

  2. oops, I meant Chip... :(

  3. Your so talented! The painting is gorgeous, I would have you create one of my house but it is not worth painting, HA! Maybe my lakehouse:o.

  4. I want one ... of course. I always want at least one of whatever you are creating ... Sorry I missed your calls today and Saturday ... my stage mom life has worn me out! I am on my way back to reality after taking two naps today. Call me when you get back from the beach.

  5. Yes, I would like to commission one - I will send you my pic and you can let me know your pricing. You do have pricing available, right? I'll take an 8 x 8 pls. Oh and do you think you could do one of the 3 pups? just kidding. sorta.

  6. I want one!!!! I just read an article in Southern Living (my favorite magazine) about a couple who redid a cottage on the lake. Over their mantle hung a painting of their cottage (how it looked before the renovations). I thought that was such a great idea!!!

    I really would love you to do one of our house!!! I know you said you were crafty...but I had no idea you were this crafty!!!

    ps. I have been keeping my own blog since I found yours....(you inspired me to write one). Mine is more like a journal of our summer. I plan to have it made into a book to give to the boys.

  7. Love that house painting! They are very cute I must say! Are you coming to Silver Bella this year Julia? Just happened on your place here. Nice to see you:)