Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sadie is the chihuahua that Cameron brought home around Christmas, 2005.  She was the last of the litter from a friend's dog and hadn't been between all our bleeding hearts and the fact that she was a $400.00 dog being given away was done before we really thought about it.  The thing that sealed the deal?  She was black & white.  Yep.  That's how major decisions are made around here.

Chuck was furious about adding another dog to the household.  He wasn't really part of the decision making.....whoops.  And for days, he tried to look mad.  He wouldn't even look at the puppy.  But on about day 4, I walked in the living room and guess who was up on Chuck's shoulder taking a little nap.

Cameron, true to her word (and promises made while begging for me to agree to this puppy), took total care of Sadie when she was a puppy.  She took her to the vet for shots, she took her out in the middle of the night to do her business.  At least I think she did.  Maybe she just cleaned the puddles up in the morning.  I don't want to know. 

Cameron was Sadie's mama. Sadie was obsessed with Cameron.  When Cameron would leave the house, Sadie would stare out the front door and just moan and cry and whimper.  Pitiful. And Cameron left the house a lot.  She was a senior in high school  They leave the house a lot.

When Cameron's car would pull back up....Sadie would cry this sound that sounded just like "Mama, mama, mama."  I swear. 



And then Cameron grew up and went away to college.  As some teenagers tend to do.

And so Will took over.  A surrogate mother.

And if I thought Sadie was obsessed with Cameron....she is downright psycho over Will.
And Will is equally obsessed with Sadie. He picks her up the second he walks in and lets her kiss all over him. Tongue to tongue. (The following picture may serve as proof...but I'm also hoping it serves as a deterrent to the girls who want to kiss all over Will. Birth control, if you will.)

The sad thing is.....he goes to college, too.  So come the middle of August, we're going to have a very depressed dog on our hands.  Again. 


  1. I'm hurt. You're trying to say she loves him more than me? Well guess what, in that case I'm going to say that Maggie loves airplanes more than you.

  2. ew, Yeah I wouldn't want to kiss someone until they brushed their teeth after that! Definitely frame this photo and have it on display when he brings girls home. And suggest he take a copy for his dorm room, but wait, he shouldn't have the girls in his dorm room and if he brings them home it's to late :(. Sorry Julia, I don't think you can use this against him.