Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bill's Pecans

Chuck - 10, his daddy (Bill) and baby Michael, 1967
I love that Bill is "letting" Michael hold his if he can. 

Chuck's baby brother, Michael, came to Houston today for a business meeting tomorrow.  He and his co-worker drove out to see us this afternoon....way out of their way, so it was very appreciated.  Houston is so big that it's a lot easier to not tell people you're in town. 

Michael, Will and Chuck.
Posing reluctantly for me.

But Michael did tell us he was coming in and would drive out to see we cooked a late lunch/early dinner....a 5:00 p.m. meal.  On the menu,  The Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna Ever, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread, Iced Tea and Brownies. 

(Rave reviews from everyone on the the way.  Chuck, especially....who doesn't get a cooked meal very often anymore.  I dont' know if it was that the lasagna was that good or he was just excited we didn't have to pay a tab at the end.)

Oh, and Bill's pecans.  Sugared.  To go with the brownies.

Bill is Chuck's sweet daddy who passed away in April, just 2 days before his 81rst birthday.  He had been sitting under his pecan tree just a half an hour before reading his book.  Then he wandered around his yard to pull weeds or look at his garden and that's where he died. 

I miss Bill, although honestly I think it hasn't really hit me yet.  Living 500 miles away and only seeing him twice a year...I think it will take me a little longer to realize he is really gone. I have the luxury of pretending he's still in Mississippi. 

The two tangible things I will miss most about Bill are his pecans and his Chex Mix Snack Mix.  Every year at Christmas, Bill would send us home to Houston with 2 large bags of his shelled pecans and 2 large containers of his Chex Mix Snack Mix (with his pecans in it).  The shelled pecans would go in the freezer and last all year long.  The Chex Mix would never make it to the Louisiana/Texas border.  We're eaters in the car on long road trips.  It's just what we do. 

Today I pulled the last bag of pecans out to make Sugared Pecans to go with our dessert.  The last bag that Bill gave me.  I'm sure there are more in their freezer in Cleveland, but this is the last bag he handed us. 

But the good thing is....I used the pecans.  I talked about Bill.  I thought about Bill.  We ate Bill's pecans.  And Bill is remembered.   And isn't that what all of us want? 
 We just want to be remembered. 


Bill, you are forever loved and always remembered.  Your pecans were delicious.


  1. Wow, Will's smile looks a lot like Michael's.

    And that picture is from the last time I went and visited them. :(

  2. Shelled pecans....what memories that brought back. My grandaddy would send us home each year with a milk carton full of shelled pecans. May have to make some sugared pecans. I thought Will looked a lot like his Uncle Michael also.

  3. How sweet, I love it. And what strong DNA-wow-all the photos are great.