Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How You Know It's Time to Stop Taking the Children..... The Children's Museum.

If there is a Dress Up Area ....and they dress up and take their own picture....
it's probably time to stop taking them.
Especially if there is a line of small children waiting their turn with the dress-up clothes.

If they take the props and act out with them....
long enough for the other "children" with them to take their picture...
it's probably time to stop taking them.

If they weigh more than 30 pounds and get inside the hand-made basket and
 try to pull each other around...
it's probably time to stop taking them.

And lastly, if they are old enough to go in by themselves while the fathers....who were supposed to be with them...went another's time to stop taking them.

Spring Break, 2004
Cruise Stop at Grand Cayman Island


  1. You forgot the best part...

    As we were playing dress up, a group of Jamaican kids on a field trip walked in. Not knowing what to do and not having a clear exit, I said, "Hey kids...wanna play dress up?"

    And then we left.

  2. It's no wonder we don't go anywhere together anymore! I think the lack of adult supervision by Kim and Chuck encouraged them to make the most of this museum visit. Was Cameron - the mature one - the photographer?

    I will be sharing this with my boys - thanks for the memory!