Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Beach...Day Five

DAY FIVE...Thursday, July 8, 2010

This was the day we headed home.  There is a fine art to figuring out how long to stay somewhere....especially if you are staying at some one's home.  My rule is 3 days if it's some one's home....but much longer if it's a hotel.  Much less if it's family. ha.  But we stayed 4...and then counting the late night arrival and the midday departure as 1...that would be 5. 

Broke my own rule....but it was Debbie and Chip.  I hope they know how much we appreciate this gift of a place to stay.  They are born to be hosts and made us feel so welcome.  The one thing I expressed clearly, was that I didn't want to be entertained....meaning let's just let the days roll out in front of us.  Mostly that's what we did.  But there was a plan for each day...those two are planners.  Thanks never seems to cover it, when you've been taken care of like they took care of us. 

Breakfast was pancakes made for the kids, enjoyed by the adults.  We had to head to the airport by the morning went fast.  We left behind a clear, sunny day. 

Do me a little favor......I'd like to do a quick science experiment with you.  Mental health is the subject.'ve just been on vacation for the last 5 the beautiful beach of Sandestin, Florida.  With your best friends in the world.  The food was the best, the conversation even better.  You're driving towards the airport and there's not a cloud in the sky.  Hang on to that feeling. 

Blue skies, breezy air, green palm trees.

I couldn't help it....everyone else was taking his picture.

Lifting off....look at that beautiful sky.

Clear, clear skies.

See the shoreline?

Over New Orleans.

There's Houston.

Uh, hello Houston.  A little dingy.  A little dark and gloomy. Very brown and gray.

Whoa!  Dark clouds...flying right into dark clouds.
Bumpy ride at this point.
Squeezing a dent in the arm of the seat.

Slowing down, while bumping.  Like we're in slow motion. 
Going down, down, down.

Bayous are not pretty.

Touch down.  Back home.  In Houston. 

Okay ....back to that science experiment....mental health issue.

Is anyone else out there depressed now?

'Cause I am.


  1. Look at it this way, You were blessed with beautiful weather and this current weather won't last. Glad you had a wonderful trip!

  2. Okay,imagine leaving there and going home to Maryland!!!!! But I feel for you; it had to be very hard to leave. So happy you had a great trip though.