Friday, June 5, 2009


How can someone be found dead hanging in the closet with a rope around their neck, wrists and genitals and it be called "accidental?"

Just when you think the news can't get any weirder........

I am not a doctor, but I watch alot of TLC.......and this is what I know.....

Your neck is to hold your head up. And it holds a very important wind pipe.

Your wrists connect your hands to your arms and allow your hands to move around. Unless you tie the wrists to each other....then the hands are pretty much useless.

Your genitals are for ............uh, you know. Going peepee and such.

But never, never should you tie a rope to all 3 of these places for a good time. (I am saying "good time" because why else would someone do this?) Because you could accidentally die. And your mother and the whole world would find you like this.

Are any of you buying the accidental thing? I am thinking if not suicidal.......then surely homicide. How could it be accidental?

Uh......I didn't know I could die if I tied a rope around my neck and hung myself in the closet?

Oh, David Carradine. Your friends loved you so much....not to mention how much your family did. Really? Was the few seconds of a rush really worth it?

I will answer for him since he is no longer here........NO IT IS NOT.

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