Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8 minus Jon & Kate

Jon was 22 and Kate was 24 when they got married. They had twins right away, then 6 more babies within 5 years of getting married. What do you want to bet there wasn't a whole lot of time for romancing.....if you know what I mean. Heck, just watching them prepare a meal and get it on the table for the 8 kids made me tired.

Yes, Kate was wicked. But I bet Jon would be able to get over that if he got his share of attention....if you know what I mean. Men aren't that deep. (Sorry are, just other men aren't)

So Jon finds a skanky 22 year old girl who gives him attention....and now he talks back to Kate and says it's over. More like he found someone to give him attention....if you know what I mean.

This is the age old problem. Women have the babies. And the caretaking of the babies and children exhaust us. Men need _ _ _ (you know what I mean) and the women are too tired. So the men go elsewhere.

Good luck with the new girlfriend Jon. I bet she's going to love being a stepmom to 8 children at the age of 22. Good times ahead. Let's see how tired she is after helping you with them all day long.

And quit saying it's whatever's best for the kids. Guess what? I'm breaking up with all 10 of you.


  1. Oh, the sad truth of it all. I hate it.

  2. You put it perfectly. I, too am done.

  3. Well I'm caught up with the Jon/Kate thing now. I lost track after movie stars started dropping like flies. It's so true; they say that a lot of men have affairs while their wives are pregnant and the kids are young. So it wasn't just me? I guess if you marry and have kids with a baby you are going to have to give them all equal attention or someone who can leave the house alone and drive will go out and get it. Is Kate a bitch? Never seen their show only all the controversy on The Today Show. How many antidepressants does it take to raise 8 kids?