Saturday, June 13, 2009

life before digital cameras......

I was looking through old photos prior to Will's graduation because Jordan was making a slide show....and most of our photos are in photo albums. I know! So vintage! Anyway, it made me think of how many rolls of film I took, got developed, only to end up with one or two decent pictures. Remember those days?

Buy the film, take the pictures, take the film to be developed.....but only after you took all 24 or 36 pictures (which could take weeks), then wait 3 days for your prints to be developed and finally pay for the developed pictures even though they're junk. Oh, and I have doubles of the junk because I was always optimistic enough to think they would all turn out great and the grandparents would want one. There were some bad, bad pictures.

But now, the "bad ones" make me laugh.

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