Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking through another's eyes

We went to a wedding this weekend in Dallas. I took my camera and took pictures when I could and then asked Will to go around and get some. After looking through the pictures, I noticed such a difference in the style of photography....depending on who was taking the shot.

I am a very organized, symmetrical kind of picture taker. And I leave the setting on Auto as I have no clue what all the other settings mean or do. So I take pictures like this.

Pretty cake....boring picture.

Pretty table....boring picture.

Will is the real artsy kind of photographer.
He sees objects from a different angle. And he knows the right setting for the camera.

He takes pictures like this.

And this.

He makes this cake look like an art object.....which it really was.

And am I just a proud mama or does this look like art?

Will went out on the balcony and took lots of great pictures. This pavilion was in downtown Dallas....I love how this captures the feel of downtown Dallas at night.

And Will always takes pictures like these.
When's the last time you looked at a glass of ice as art?

Now, if I could only get him to teach me.

But he's sleeping when I'm up....and he's out on the town, when I'm sleeping.


  1. Nope. You're not just a proud mama, that guy has talent. Artistic but not too abstract for me... Very cool!

  2. Julia- That Will just rocks! His pictures are amazing. What a talent.

  3. Julia, sorry but you seriously need Your husband definately has the eye. I'm kinda surprized most guys don't even think about taking photos of the cake! Maybe he should come work for me and you can be my friend!

  4. Sorry I need spelling lessions! lol. You can help me with that right?

  5. My friend, your pictures look an awful lot like my pictures! Will has some serious photography talent!

  6. I just came across your blog today while I was googling. I found myself reading and spending far too much time reading and scrolling and poking around!
    It's a great blog.....I'll be back!
    PJ from Canada

  7. OMG, totally objective, he's got a great eye. They look like photos you'd see in an upscale magazine. He shouldn't be folding close he should be working on his portfolio...(I love putting 3 dots on your blog-teehee)

  8. Maybe he should advert and teach a class to those of us who think we are so pro/am and then see what someone like Will can do.