Monday, June 15, 2009

Is it Mother's Day?

I went in to fix my first cup of coffee and look what I found........

And sure enough, in the 'fridge was a bowl of oatmeal

with orange slices and strawberries.......

from this kid who's asleep on the couch
with his dog and Harry Potter book......

Better than Mother's Day.

Totally unexpected and directly from his heart.

He's not for sale. Don't even ask.


  1. Oh my, this made my day as a mother, and he's not even my son!!! It doesn't get better than that, does it girlfriend?!!


  2. I, too, am really loving sleeping in and NOT setting the alarm clock. I love this first month of summer! I just spent an hour reading your blog! an hour that I'll never get back and it ws so worth it! You always make me laugh and you always touch my heart. THANK YOU! Pam

  3. What is up with him? You need to watch him closely. Maybe he's "growing up" before your very eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I cannot believe how your blogs sound so like mine - IF I were to write one!

    Your stories from your son's bedroom to the activities that you plan during your summer off so parallels mine.

    You make me laugh!!!!

    Have a great summer!!!

  5. Love that boy. You've done good.

  6. OMG what a wonderful son! He will make a great husband someday. Just remind him that these are the moments that touch a womans soul more than any money he could ever spend on his lady! You have been a great Mom. I'm sure your hubby helped some ;p lol. You got to slow down on the post. you are making me look bad!

  7. Remembering is 99% of Mother's Day; I'd say he aced it!