Thursday, June 11, 2009

nothing and something

Since I went to work for the school district 5 years ago, I get to experience "summers off" like the kids do. The years I stayed home raising children and doing all of my odd jobs, summer was just a very hot, very humid, very loud (kids were home all day) time of the year. A time of year I only put up with because we didn't have to set alarms every day. But you can bet I counted off the days until school started back up.

But now........oh,'s deliciously quiet and I feel like I have miles of days of nothing ahead of me. The reality is about 10 weeks....but that feels pretty good considering an office worker only gets 2 weeks a year.

Or if you're Chuck, you have earned 5 weeks a year after 30 years but you don't take them because what if the place fell apart while you were gone? True story.

I started the traditon of doing nothing the very first week of summer. By nothing, I mean nothing. Except sleeping in, eating, and maybe loading the dishes. Nothing. This makes Chuck happy because I am spending no money. This week. Just wait.

The second tradition I started was having a list of projects for the summer. Things around the house that get put off during the school paint the back door, repaint my bedroom, clean out the hall closet.......etc. So starting Monday, I'm going to get busy. The cabinets around here are shaking in their hinges.......cause when I get the paint out, there's no telling what's going to get painted.

If you work in an office and you are reading this and it's making you angry/jealous.....that I get 10 weeks off.........just remember that you make way more money than me. WAY MORE. It's all a package deal. I work very hard (physically) for a sixpence.........but in return I get the summer off. So don't be jealous. I am sure your life is wonderful and when you do get those 2 weeks off, you probably go somewhere very exciting.

And speaking of office workers, one of those is my daughter, Jordan. I want to send you over to her blog today to read about her friend Christi and her need for your prayers. If you are uncomfortable praying for a stranger.........then just ask God to keep you in this day and remind you of your own blessings. Because this story is really about that. Go there now if you can.

About prayer.......I think there's power in it. I've seen the power of prayer as I hope most of you have. But sometimes, what we pray for isn't the result we get. And that can make us turn away from prayer. Let's not forget that "prayer" is really just dialogue with God or his precious son, Jesus. I used to only pray when I needed something. Usually by the time I turned to prayer it was more like "begging." If you've raised've begged God for patience, I'm sure.

But somewhere in my 30's, I began to pray for strength and just started dialogue with God. He knows me, he sees me, he knows what I need. Do I really need to ask him? I think he just wants to be in the middle of it with me and by praying to him/talking to him.......I get a stronger connection to him and he gives me the calm I need. And isn't it just polite to thank a giver? And isn't he the giver of all things? amen.

Dear God,

Please be with your child Christi as she faces her current situation. Give her your calm in this storm. Give her doctors the right solutions for this tumor. I believe you hand-pick your messengers and you have certainly picked a fine one here. However, she is someone's child, someone's wife and someone's mother.....not to mention a friend to many....and we want her with us much, much longer. We want her well. She is full of your light and this dark world needs her among us.


your child, Julia


  1. Oh Julia, what you said about prayer,,,,,,so true! I love reading your blog, you always make me smile, and sometimes shed a tear. You are very insightful and I know you make people think. I am so thankful that God saw fit to make us friends! See you at the pool! Linda
    p.s. still can't remember my password!

  2. Well, not everyone who works for the schools gets those 10 weeks, some of us (in high schools..)stay open all summer!!! So here is jealously looking at you with green eyes. I do remind myself that I get spring break and two weeks at Christmas (think I have said that before, out loud or to myself???). Enjoy these weeks, you work hard and deserve them especially for the sixpence we do earn!

  3. Oops! Forget to say that I will include Christi in my prayers.....

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  5. Don't forget the fun of not receiving a paycheck for those ten weeks! :) Of course, I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

    Thanks for posting about Christi. You Texas gals really have hearts as big as well, Texas! It sounds like Christi has such an amazing, positive attitude and that will take her very far in this journey. A sense of humor will help too!!! She, her family and friends will be in my prayers!


  6. I'm off to Jordan's blog....wonderful prayer, Julia.

  7. Okay, we could use a follow up on this one...