Friday, June 5, 2009

The Office

It's show us where you live Friday.....the Office edition.....hosted by Kelly.

But before I show you the office and craft room/my office....I just had to show you how we caught Oliver sleeping the other night. I am NOT a cat lady. But Oliver is NOT a cat. I think he may be a direct descendant of Chuck. As this is how I catch Chuck on the sofa many nights.

Okay...thanks for humoring for a tour of Chuck's office or the home of the computer that I spend countless hours on.

Do you hear those built-ins screaming for me to paint them black? Me, too.

This is the place I spend countless hours. Do you see the left side of the chair and the right edge of the desk? Those places are worn down from turning the chair and leaning back in it to watch the tv across the room. We are all about comfort. Even if it means wearing down the furniture.

We buy cheap so we don't have the guilt when we ruin it.

This Mississippi State Bulldog print was given to Chuck by his childhood neighbor, Lora Joy Box. Her niece is the artist. It is a prized possession and the paint color was chosen to match the bulldog. Chuck is a 1981 Alumni of Mississippi State.

I found this decoupaged frame at The Nutcracker Market during Cameron's freshman year at A&M. That's the lil' aggies when they were about 7 and 5.

Now for my craft room/office....the place I longed for for years and finally got when Jordan moved out to Arizona. This was her bedroom and while it now serves as my craft room, her bed is in there. This was last summer's project....painting the walls, painting the furniture, making the curtains and dragging all of my craft stuff up here to store.

This pillow is to remind Jordan that she is always welcomed home.

The right side of the room craft table and sewing desk.

Jordan's bed ....I leave a drop cloth folded at the end and lay it out whenever I'm crafting in here to prevent totally ruining the bedding. However, nothing can keep the glitter from floating...and landing on Chuck's face downstairs.
 a variety of pieces.

This is the signed Mary Engelbreit print from Silver Bella....

and a cute magnet board from my sister Catha.

This is the sachet I made for the Silver Bella Sachet Swap last year.

Mine hangs on the closet door up here.

Which brings us to the best part..........

Because this doesn't have to live in my kitchen pantry anymore!

Thanks for stopping by........come back anytime. My mood changes daily. Ask Chuck.

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