Friday, February 27, 2009

He Nailed Me

Today I was playing a game with 3 little boys and one of them is ESL (English as a Second Language......not to offend you but I wouldn't have known that term 5 years ago). He had left early the day before (his birthday) so I asked him if he celebrated his birthday.

Him: No, I went to the doctor.

Me: Oh, are you okay?

Him: Yes.

Me: Did you get a shot?

Him: Yes. And the doctor he use the brain to stomach thing.

Me: The brain to stomach thing?

Him: Yes, the brain to stomach thing. (he is motioning from above his ears to his stomach)

Me: Was it like this? (I imitate using a stethoscope)

Him: Yes.

Me: Was it a stethoscope? And he listened to your stomach?

Him: Yes. And I did the no clothes and I was naked.

All: giggle, giggle

Good times.

Then later in the day in another class....I will substitute real names here.....let's say I was in Mrs. Jones' class.....

Her: Mrs. Jones, he nailed me!

Mrs. Jones: What?

Her: He nailed me! (pointing to the criminal)

Mrs. Jones and I start laughing (well, holding it back, but laughing)

Me: What does that mean?

Her: He pushed his fingernail in me.

I realize this may not be funny to any of you. But by Friday afternoon in kindergarten we all get a little punch drunk. And once the giggles start, it's all funny to us.


  1. I laughed out loud. I was saying to myself while reading "What is the brain to stomach thing?"

    This is just too funny.
    Glad you have a job that makes you laugh - not many people can say that!

  2. Julia- I just adore your stories from the battlefront!

    Did you read that they are going to start SB registration in April? I can't wait to see the class lists and start obsessing over which classes to sign up for. I hope you are still planning on going!