Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Overheard while the hedgehog was visiting.....

There were 2 hedgehogs visiting in kindergarten today. The real, live kind. Volunteers are trained and bring them around to the classes once a year and today was our day. Comments from the kids........

The volunteers had just set out the mat and laid down a stick....but the hedgehog was still in his cage. The kids knew there would be a hedgehog. So when "K" saw the volunteer lay down the stick, he said, "That's not an animal, that's a stick."

Then right before they took the hedgehog out, "K" said, "Wait! There's gonna be a REAL animal in SCHOOL?"

When asked if anyone knew anything about hedgehogs, "R" said, "They were not-turnal ....which means they sleep all day."

Then to himself, " I guess that makes me turnal."

The volunteer asked the children if they knew why this animal was called a hedgehog.....the kindergartener answered, "Because that's his name."

The book the volunteer read was about a hedgehog who put a woolen sock on his head to keep him warm. She asked the kids if they knew where wool came responded..."From spiders."

And then after 30 minutes of talking about hedgehogs, reading about hedgehogs and seeing a hedgehog in little guy commented, "I sure did like that porcupine."

So excuse me if I have scrambled eggs for a brain these days.


  1. That's awesome! I can just hear their little sweet sing songy voices in my head. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your stories! Just between us...I prefer your blog to martinimom.

  3. See, you could write a book, this is hilarious. I know we talk about adult ADD but you certainly seem to hone in on the most important moments in life. Thank you for sharing; you make life so much more entertaining and remind us of the sweeter, simpler, better things. I'm honored to call you friend for an embarassing over 40 years. It can't be 40 if we are only 25...well the point is that we still feel 25. I love you so, Stephanie

  4. holy shit I am LAUGHING SO HARD right now! It sounds JUSt like my classroom!! Isn't it the best job in the world???

    xoxox I am so glad you came over!! I'll be back for SURE.

  5. Oh that last one really put a smile on my face and made me giggle!

  6. "I guess that makes me turnal". gave me a much needed laugh.

    VodkaMom suggested I stop in. Good times!


  7. That's hilarious. "Because that's his name"- Smart Kid.

  8. My son would been the prcupine kid and my daughter would have been the stick. Their teachers are going to hate me!