Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Opposite of Exciting

Bad News: I was summoned for Jury Duty today.

Good News: I didn't have to be there until 12:15 pm.

Bad News: I overestimated how long it would take to get downtown and got there an hour early.

Good News: There was no traffic and I found the parking gargage with no problem.

Bad News: I sat for 4 incredibly long, boring hours in an assembly room with strangers....not one of us wanted to be there. And of course, I cannot sit still for 3 minutes much less 4 hours. I crossed and uncrossed my legs several thousand times and went to view the vending machine every half hour just in case something new might appear in one of them.

Good News: We were all dismissed at 3:30 ....never even being called out of the assembly room. Apparently the courts filled their juror needs with the morning crowd.

Bad News: Parking cost $5.50. Spent $2.00 at the vending machine. Jurors are paid $6.00 for the day. Uh, ........and the ride was on me.

Good News: I donated my $6.00 to Children's Protective Services. Just a tiny drop in the huge bucket......but others donated theirs also so maybe it will add up to do some good.

As I sat there and looked around at the misfits and outfits for 4 hours, I realized this is its best? Because it sort of felt like punishment. In order to serve on a jury, you can not have a record, you must be a citizen of the US....and you have a driver's license as that is how you got in the rotation. Lots of rules followed there.

So YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Rule Follower........Please spend your time and money to come downtown for the day, in case we might need you. And we will let you know just as the traffic is beginning to build for the afternoon rush hour, that No, we won't be needing you this time. See you in 3 years. Be careful on's crazy this time of day.

Don't even get me started on how much time I spent trying to figure out how to improve the system....when I wasn't thinking about how I would re-decorate the place....or how I would reframe the prints that were hanging crooked on the wall.

I quickly realized the system was way too big and way too mucked up for me to fix. And soon realized there was probably no money anywhere in the budget for re-decorating.

The only thing I can really go break some rules!


  1. I've never actually done Jury Duty! It's one of those things on bucket list though. You don't make it sound nearly as glamorous as I had hoped! :)

  2. LOLing here at the misfits and outfits!!!! I have had jury duty ONCE and that was ENOUGH, because I too spent my time thinking about ALL of the same things...redecorating, rearranging furniture...vending machine trips....but I was choosen! Really felt like an upstanding citizen then....NOT!!!!!!!!! But I will tell you how to never get called is really very simple! I was feeling bad at lunch, decided to go home and take some medicine. When I got home discovered I had a 102 fever (found out later it was the flu). Didn't go back but DID call the judges offices and all the other numbers that I could think a phone call the next day from the "person responsible for the jury" told me I would be arrested....told him come get me I am at my house (gave address) in bed with the flu!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am glad you didn't have to serve this time....your other jury duty service...way back when should count for your service forever!!! I remember them keeping you into the late night hours and the rest of $*^* that went with it!

    You know I check you blog all the time too bad your counters not working....I love to hear what your up too....DJ Fort Worth

  4. You are hilarious-the Seinfeld of Houston-you could make the best "a show about nothing".