Sunday, March 1, 2009

My People

Last night we went to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Barbeque Cook-Off. There are hundreds of tents set up and sponsored by groups and I have never seen such a crowd. We were given tickets by a friend and co-worker to attend her neighbor's tent.....all are private parties and one must have a ticket to get we grabbed at the chance to get to go. We had some great food, a little beer and listened to some country music. Chuck even danced with me!
(I sure do miss dancing.)

Patsy.....the oldest, sweetest, shortest member of the kinder team. I love her.

Ben DeLaRosa.....Patsy's husband. She loves him.

Kinder teachers Patsy, Carol and Gale, and me....their assistant and partner in crime.

We love each other.

Whoa, Nellie!! What the heck? Did a cowboy drop his jeans? was the top of the two bald husbands....Jim and Matt. heehee.

My friend, Tricia from Pecan Grove (the neighborhood I lived in for the first 15 years of my marriage......and where all my children spent their childhood) was going to be there in another tent. I haven't seen her in several years and just had to try to find her (in the sea of hundreds of tents!) After partying with my co-workers, Chuck and I left to stop by and see her.

Tricia and her sisters Peggy and Jenna all lived in the same subdivision along with their parents. At one time, I named them "my people." This came about when I was in the middle of a big decorating job and was having a little melt down. This was the conversation that went down between my husband and me....

Me: Scream, Yell, Screech!!! MELllltttttt...........down.

Chuck: Why don't you just get your people to do it?


Chuck: yeah...

Me: Who do you think my people ARE? It's me, just me. I don't HAVE people.
(Earth to Chuck)

After repeating this story, Trisha and her sisters and mother said they would be my people. It became a running joke. And one that I was reminded of last night.

I got to be with my people last night. They're good people.

Tricia, Peggy and Jenna, 3 sisters

Peggy is one of my most loyal blog readers and I knew her first. She lived on the street behind me. We replaced our door one time and had the old door sitting on the porch. She was walking by and asked about it........and later came back to get it. That's how we met.

Jay and Tricia

A couple of years later, I starting working for the MDO where Tricia took her children. Small world......I met Peggy's sister and soon I knew the whole family. Tricia eventually taught at the preschool with me and we had many, many good times together. We also spent many, many Friday nights eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas together while our children provided the background noise. Those were the good ol' days.

I miss living near my people.


  1. Your people look like good fun. I love country music and barbecue. I think I should have been born in Texas. When I went though a tough time in my life a few years ago, I hatched a plan to pack up, move to Austin, work for my friend (who is VP at James Avery) and marry a cowboy. Needless to say, I never did it. But I do love the music, the food, and the cowboys.

  2. Had to get home right away today so that I could read your blog!!!! It wasn't coming through on my school computer today for some reason! UGH! Tricia was all "I MADE THE BLOG!!!!" (Of course I knew it was yours...are there any others...hee hee) Sounds like you had good, good time!!!! The cook off is always a blast, but even better with your "peeps"!!! :) LOVED the bald heads!!!!!!! Too funny!

  3. Great post! My son and his fiancee were at the cook-off Saturday night. They had a VERY good time. My sister-in-law lived in Pecan Grove...mid-80's. Love your people!!!