Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Cammie Sue!

Cameron Suzanne Hackney
February 24, 1988

Second baby.....instant love.

Middle child.

Sweet, sweet girl.

Pretty, pretty girl.

Smart, smart girl.

(Mama's street smarts.....Daddy's engineering brain)

To my middle child on her 21rst birthday,

You are officially an adult today and we are legally off the hook. However, let me make sure you understand you will always be my child and I would go to any and all lengths to come to your rescue should you ever need it.

You are the middle child and I know that there were times you felt left out. Daddy and I were learning everything about parenting with Jordan and by the time Will came along there was never a dull moment. You were in the middle of that craziness adding joy and noise to every moment. I love that about you.

Being the middle child, I probably didn't hug you enough or tell you how pretty you were enough or tell you how proud I was of your schoolwork often enough. But 3 kids in 5 years can be a little crazy. Good crazy....but crazy. The fact that you started talking at 10 months of age and haven't really stopped yet added to some of that craziness. I love that about you.

You have always had an eye for detail and the memory of an elephant. One of my favorite things about you as a little girl was hearing you repeat the details (and I mean minute details) of your day. Other parents would call me to see what had happened at school with their child because they knew you could give a "blow by blow" description of every kid's day as well as your own. I love that about you.

When you repeated a story, you would even remember what someone had on and would begin the story that way. "You know that time we went to the show and you had on that green and white striped shirt and I had on those........." I love that about you.

You were hooked on Animal Channel and would randomly tell us facts about animals in the car, in the grocery store, at the mall. Very detailed facts about animals that only existed in Africa....and you knew the facts. I remember hearing about Steve Irwin's death and thinking immediately about you. Your heart broke when Steve Irwin died. I love that about you.

You always made good grades and I never, ever had to ask you if you had done your homework. Ever. You just did it. I love that about you.

You wanted to run for Social Officer for the Brigade Drill Team. You worked so hard for 2 weeks on the book recquired of all nominees. It was an incredibly large project but you tackled it and never complained once. In fact you stayed up all night the night before it was due to finish it. When I woke up the next morning, I came in to a clean kitchen with the finished book on the counter........and a Happy Mother's Day card. I love that about you.

You are my middle child. I love that about you.

Enjoy your adulthood. Love, Mama