Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet Chuck

Chuck bought me/us a new camera for Valentine's Day. We actually started the search a while back (brought on by my constant nagging of course......)but Jordan bought the Nikon D60 so we copied her. Here's hoping we can figure it out together. I spent last night going around the house taking photos of nothing.....just practicing. This is way more camera than I will ever need but so far the close-ups are lot more clear than I've ever been able to get, which is what I really wanted. I want to be able to see the wet nose of my dogs. Check it out. (remember these are pictures taken simply for the sake of taking)

Clear close-ups.....

Detail on a plate

A sweet dog's wet nose....

just a little fake flower...

the little bird ornament from Starbucks that hangs near my sink....

Will took this shot.......I made him stand on a chair to see if we could get the dang chins to go away. Anybody notice my hair has gotten darker? Uh, experiment to see if brunettes have more fun and find better deals on sale.

And shots taken from a distance........seem to turn out clear as well...with pretty true color. You can click on these and see the detail is very clear. I'm just a little tickled about this new camera.

Let me remind you it's not my talent I am showing off but the ability of the new camera. My talent is not in photography, but in laundry.

And the second thing my husband is giving me for Valentine's Day........he signed us up for a 6 week Bible Study for married couples.......How to Fireproof Your Marriage. It only took several elbow nudges and a full-blown pouting session to get him to sign us up.....but he made the phone call. I could have signed us up but the preacher suggested the husbands do the calling. This is huge. Chuck and Bible Study in the same sentence. Huge.


  1. Your husband rocks! I can't imagine my husband's name in the same sentence with bible study either. Love your dog's nose. I'm so happy for you. Happy picture taking.

  2. I like the there's no 18 second stuttering flash now? those pictures look really clear. How's Bible study going?

  3. I think you gott a keeper, Hubby and the camera, these photos look great. You gotta send me the specs 'cause I don't like the camera Paul got me for Christmas, not even as good as my years old one. Kudos Chuck!