Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, I joined facebook. I kept getting emails from some good friends and friends from the past asking me to join. These emails were all coming in a matter of 2 weeks. I kept ignoring them........thinking this was some sort of junk mail.......'cause isn't facebook for college kids? Then one night at happy hour with some friends, they all start talking about facebook this and facebook that and facebook I'm addicted and facebook's so fun. And if I'm anything, I'm all about fun.

So I waited until I got another friend request. And I confirmed it and now I'm in. And now I am wondering........did I really need another thing to do on this computer? Isn't blogging and searching WebMD enough? (Between WebMD and watching Trauma in the ER....I could be a me next time you need a diagnosis) Not to mention, check my personal email and my work email and check my kid's grades online and read the headlines on Yahoo.

But today, I think I had a revelation about facebook. facebook is something you can do mindlessly (great, cause I'm mindless) versus blogging. I have grown very fond of blogging......but I can't just come in here and blog. I have to have an idea, a happening that needs to be told, a funny story.......and of course a picture. Because I know I only want pictures on the blogs I read. And reading other people's blogs is now a great pasttime, but there's definitly more than one sentence to be read and comprehended.

With facebook, I can just sign in and stare. And read what everyone was doing 22 minutes ago. And only have to read one sentence. Their life in a tiny nutshell at that moment. And type in "Julia is_________________________. "

And why is the print on facebook so dang small? Maybe it is only supposed to be for 20 year olds.

I will say I found some old highschool friends on there......and pulled out the yearbook and had a little reunion of sorts. That's been fun. And I reunited with a co-worker from the early 80's. So good to hear from her. So maybe it's a good thing. But dang if I can figure out how to put a photo album on there.


(that's me yelling at my computer specialist to come help me figure something out......who, by the way, doesn't have a blog or a facebook but lives vicariously through mine. )

To my children: I'm sorry I joined facebook. I promise not to stalk you in any way on there. But I will accept you as a friend if you ask. Mama's not trying to be 20 again....I promise. But she would love those 20 year old thighs back. (sorry Will if you're reading this)


  1. It is soooo mindless - I don't really get it all but I'll be your friend!

  2. I never thought about how you squeeze your whole life into that one sentence. Last night after a bad day, I wanted to write
    Kristin is...going to hurt someone.
    But I refrained. :)
    Yay for being facebook friends.

  3. I'll be your friend, too! I hardly every write on anyone's wall though. I facilitate a young moms bible study..and they are ALL on there....I was pressured to join. I'm so weak.