Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today's sermon was about you, the Church. Yeah, You. Don't leave! Hang in need to hear this.

Let me sum it up....Jesus was just one man....God in the flesh. He died on the cross. But ....and here's the point of the sermon....when he left, he came back as the Holy Spirit.......into each of us. God is living through us. I know, you already know that. But we have to tap into that.

Jesus could only do the work of one man. So God sent the Holy Spirit so that through all of us...we can do powerful things....for God. Okay....something like that. And at this point, I was getting it but easy until someone cuts you off in traffic. Or you are tested by illness....or a mother-in-law, etc.,etc.

Then the preacher told us about Dick and Rick Hoyt. Dick is the father to Rick, who was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. His doctors told his parents to put him in an institution where he would always be an invalid...."a vegetable." But they refused. They knew Rick was in there. Around his teen years, some engineers designed a computer system for him to communicate with....tapping his head against something like a cursor so he could type out his words. His first words typed were "Go Bruins!"

I will cut to the chase......a few years later, Rick heard about a race and told his father he wanted to enter. The father thought it was impossible, but gave it a try....with Rick in a stroller apparatus. Years later....the father, now 68, runs in marathons and triathalons, pushing his son, Rick, now 46........because when he does, Rick feels like he can run. Powerful. There is nothing you can not do.......with God as your father coming into you through the Holy Spirit......pushing you through it. Do you get it?

Whew. Powerful sermon today. Powerful video. I had to use my scarf to wipe the river of tears I cried. Please watch it to the end. You'll be glad you did. (and maybe I was just in need of a good cry.....)

PS......I want this song sung at my funeral. I'm telling you because Chuck doesn't like to talk about unpleasant things. I know. I've tried to explain to him that planning your funeral doesn't make you die. But it's a Chuck thing. But now it's out one of you make sure for me! As for the rest of the details, it's up to you. Make it a celebration....with lots of food. Banana pudding for sure. And should you decide to cremate me, sprinkle my ashes in the creek behind the Woodland Drive house.


  1. i'll make sure you get the song. and i've still got the paper you signed that says if i have to change your diapers, it's time to pull the plug.

  2. Well said Julia, well said.

    p.s. it's linda (camacho), I can't remember my password!! It has been awhile since I have been on here. Enjoyed catching up. You are an amazing writer!