Saturday, February 7, 2009

Won't You Be My Valentine?

This sconce ( well, it's not a wreath, but I'm not sure what to call it...?) is hanging on the front door.......with some added hearts to signify the upcoming holiday of love.

After February, I can take off the hearts and leave it hanging all spring.

And of course, the usual on the buffet....I cannot emphasize this enough......find one spot in your home and just concentrate all your holiday decorating there. Makes it so easy to get out and put away. Honestly, I am almost over decorating for the holidays, but one very sweet, sensitive teenage boy still lives here and I do it for him. He told me at Christmas that as soon as Jordan and Cameron left for college, I quit doing all of this. That's how he FEELS and I acknowledged it...but really? I have pictures to prove I haven't quit..........downsized, maybe....but not quit.

And I would like to confess that this is the second time I have filled the jar with Plain and Peanut M&M' less than 2 weeks. This family loves them some candy.

Chuck is out right now shopping for a new camera for us.......for Valentine's. He actually purchased one last night but thinks he can find a better deal. So he will spend the day looking to save $20......and burning $30 in gas. But that's Chuck. Gotta love him.

Cameron was very sick this week and is feeling somewhat better this morning. Lots of flu/respiratory infections/strep going yourself a favor and buy 2 cans of Lysol and spray everything down. It certainly can't hurt.

Have a wonderful week of love and chocolate.


  1. I think it is sweet that he notices the decorations. My fiancee's mom loved to decorate and he enjoys it when I take the time to do it too. Although he would deny it if you asked him. I know because sometimes he'll say things like "We need more Thanksgiving decorations" and I know I picked a winner!

  2. Sick but i get to play catch up in my engineering

    is cupid coming to me this year??!?!??

  3. I love seeing your entryway vingettes especially now that I've seen the area!